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Looking Back - Moving Forward

Updated: May 9, 2020

Kabort has been around for quite a while now, and in the 8 Months that Kabort has existed for, we've seen many drivers come and go. Some of these drivers have stayed, but others have gone their own way. With the final race of Kabort's 3rd Season coming up, I thought it'd be a good time to catch up with some of our Ex-Drivers to see what they are up to now. Disclaimer: Despite the drivers being in the stated teams, the drivers could have left these teams without my notice. The circumstances for all of these drivers leaving is different, and will not be disclosed. This list simply states where the drivers are now, this list is simply for informative purposes. Aurimas Jenciulevicius - ASN (Velocity, Vulcan etc.) | (Joined) Paul Holt & Tonnie Jansen - Fair Racing Team | (Created Before Leave Date)

Jeff Carollo - (formerly "GTR Simsport")| (Created Before Leave Date) Ethan Lawrence - GRG Esports | (Created Before Leave Date) Florian Hundertmark - Awesome Motorsport Group (AMG) (Created Before Leave Date)

Federico Rosano - Sikania Endurance Motorsport IMSA Andrew Oxtoby - Cosmik Motorsports (Joined) Michael Fazarri - Ironworks Sim Racing (Joined/Left)

Ellijah Mitchell - OneSim Pink (Created By Jeff Carollo) Daniel Doan - Team Speed Energy Ricky Styles - Heart Of Speed (Created 2 Months after leaving) and Beast Racing (Joined) Kaden Bihn - RSR Esports (Kabort's "dad") Oliver Mandrish - Beast Racing (Joined/Left) Declan Eady - RSR Esports (Kabort's "dad)

Joseph Griffin - Eleven9 Motorsport (Created Post-Leaving)

Nicholas Boccanfuso - Eleven9 Motorsport (Joined)

Gas Cohen - Eleven9 Motorsport (Joined)

Shaw Syska- Eleven9 Motorsport (Joined)

Jermaine Warren - Renegade Racing Team (To Be Started Summer 2020)

Marcel Van Den Berg - Eleven9 Motorsport (Joined)

Mark Zuidhof - Eleven9 Motorsport (Joined)

Daniel Newell - Eleven9 Motorsport (Joined)

Jamie Moylan - Eleven9 Motorsport (Joined)

Dave South - Eleven9 Motorsport (Joined) Mete Taha Kose - Synth Endurance Team (Joined) Marco Marozzi - Eleven9 Motorsport (Joined)

Felix Nicol - Kraken Racing Team (KRT) (Joined) Kelson Penn - T.C.R (Team Challenge Racing) - Joined Carter Hutcherson - Eleven9 Motorsport (Joined) Samuel Swallow - Summit Sim Racing - Joined (Stopped Endurance Racing) Abdul Fattah - Ronin Simsport (Joined) Chandler Rubeck - Summit Sim Racing (Created Post-Leaving) Marcelo Valente - INHURRY (Joined) Sebastien Parmasad - Kraken Racing Team (KRT) John Neilsen - Team NSF (Not So Fast/Not Sufficient Funds)

Tamas Sipos - MRI MotorSports Ltd.

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