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Life As An iRacing Team Principal

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Kabort Motorsport (my newly created team in iRacing) has been around for almost 50 Days (one and a half months) and as the man who created, formed and in someways moulded this team from scratch, I’ve found the experience very eye opening, yet enjoyable. Being a team principal isn’t just about sitting on a very fancy high-up chair telling everybody what to do, it’s a lot more than that…

The Right Speed

When creating a new (endurance) team on iRacing, a very good place to start is the forums. Over half of Kabort's 25 drivers have been “hired” via the forum – and it isn’t as simple as sending everyone messages, and hoping one replies, there is a small art behind catching the best. Don’t go for the fastest of the fast. These may look promising on the outside, but give them more than 3 laps to do, and they may begin to suffer – spins, inconsistencies and crashes may follow. If they don’t suffer after 3 laps, you will hinder and frustrate them, but on the other end of the scale, don’t go for a driver who isn’t willing to practice, learn and improve – hindering the team is the worst you can do – and you wouldn’t want to put that pressure on a less experienced driver.

Use Humour

There are certain drivers using the service who are deadly serious, and think that iRacing will take them into real life driving – avoid these drivers – mistakes can and will happen, and in endurance racing, the best thing you can do after a mistake, is learn from it, don’t do it again, laugh it off and continue racing…If you all complain at a driver for a mistake, he/she will delve on this, and it will stick in his/her memory – taking his/her mind off the task at hand, and potentially allowing more mistakes to be made,

Hire More Than Drivers

Hiring a fast driver is incredibly important, however, hiring an intelligent driver can be the difference between winning and losing – insure you hire drivers with knowledge in setups, strategy or even real life racing.

Do Your Research

Don’t just hire a driver the moment he messages you to say he’s interested – do some research – how often does he race? How much experience does he have? How safe is he/what’s his safety or irating? Why does he want to join your team?

With questions like these, you can make sure that he is the one for your team, and your team is suitable for him – by doing independent research you can find out information that he may have “left out” such as 5 or more disqualifications in a row – you can make the crucial decision to hire a driver or not

The Fun Part

After applying all the steps above – the fun begins – watching your team grow from just a couple of guys running around near the back, to a multi-car team with 5+ drivers in each car, running right up front with strategists and discord (not sponsored) servers running wild with activity



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