Leaving The United Kingdom For The First Time Since 2019...a Trip to Germany

Good afternoon, guten tag and willkommen!

I hope you are all doing well, and all is well!

In my last blog, I mentioned that "Friday's blog will come out tomorrow" - this blog came out on the 9th April, and I only began writing the following blog (this one) on the 16th, exactly a week later (yikes!)

7th April, 2022 (Recap)

The 7th April was a difficult day - and all about "time management" - whilst I wanted to get to the Isle Of Wight early (to practice for that weekend's Nurburgring 24 Hours) - I still had to collect my rig from Essex.

Too early, and they (the ones with my rig) would not be awake - too late and I'd miss my ferry to the Island...

Predictably, with my dyspraxia, I ran out of time and missed the ferry by around 6 minutes.

The following ferry was at 8pm - so I drove half an hour to get McDonalds and then half an hour back to the port.

In the beginning, I decided to leave everything in the car (and unpack it tomorrow), however - with the knowledge that I wanted to wake up early and race (the following day), I decided (at about 10pm) that I should probably bring it in (from the car).

An in-depth blog on this disaster can be found here:

https://www.kabortmotorsport.com/post/racing-through-april (bottom of the article)

8th April, 2022

At 11:30am on Friday (after getting dressed and having breakfast), I decided to continue racing in the Falken GT4 Challenge (after trying out a few series the week prior)

After botching up qualifying (mistake on the first lap, unable to complete the second) I started from the very back - 16th/18th (second to last row)

I'd eventually finish the race in 8th place after spending all but one lap in 8th.

I did try to re-claim 7th place (in the second part of the bus-stop chicane), however this ended up in contact, and I gave the position back to the driver that I spun - him finishing 7th, me 8th.

At 2:08pm on the 8th April about 26 hours before the start of the Nurburgring 24 Hours, 2022 - we finally got a vague stint schedule.

- Dominik Gahlow was free for anything and everything

- Tom Wallace couldn't race (after I thought previously that he could)

- Spencer Kemble was down for any of the remaining stints that weren't fille

- Luke Mitchell was free from after 7pm

- I was just trying to survive in this plane of existence.

With this information, I began building the stint schedule - with one very important thing in mind: I was going to be doing the start.

If you told me on the 5th April that I'd be starting the Nurburgring 24 Hours, I'd call you barmy and laugh it off - but on the 6th April at 9:34pm, Tom (Wallace) inspired me to do the unthinkable: The Start.

"I would normally say something like “Robin I'm guessing you guys want to make it past the first couple of corners”, and every muscle in my body is telling me to leave the message as that, but honestly you are one of the safest drivers at the start and in a 24 hour race that’s all you need..."

T. Wallace, 2022

And that's all I needed - a little confidence boost a little reassurance that "yes, it's going to be okay, you CAN do this and we (or at least I) believe in you"

I'm going to do the Nurburgring 24 Hour Blog in a separate individual article/blog - because every lap was a story in that race...but to summarise it in six words:

"OH WOW!! OH SHIT!, Oh Okay."

I will say however, that we did make it to the morning/sunrise, unfortunately this was where our phenomenal race within the podium places ended, with a rather large shunt, and some smaller ones after. The larger one coming at exactly 9:51am in the morning - our hopes and dreams of the previous lap being shattered.

After repairing the car, we'd leave the pit-lane and sit in 6th before yet another crash happened.

Despite these incidents - we had an INCREDIBLY successful outing, we gained both safety rating and iRating - this putting me at 1144 iRating - small, but significant gains.

Other than being shafted from behind, I had a VERY clean opening double-stint - getting at most an additional 2 incidents in my opening 14 laps.

Out of my 47 laps completed (throughout the entire race), I led 6 and had 33-34 clean laps without incident - which is the majority!


I only slept an hour between my midnight and graveyard stint - I couldn't sleep a wink, given what was happening (the car being in 2nd and having about 2 hours between stints)

Most of Sunday a was spent catching up on sleep and just chilling out and having a relaxing day (since I didn't have to race until 4pm)

I must admit, over the weekend, I did have one scare when I thought that the following week was a uni-week.


The 11th saw the start of a new week.

Other than buying a couple of Porsches and an Audi for iRacing (series testing) and ensuring I had legal documentation to enter France (spoiler: trip to Germany at the end of the week) it was a pretty uneventful day

I will disclose, however, that I had some "iRacing Credits" (for competing in races) and this essentially bought me two free cars. Bargain!


Before I knew it, it was Tuesday again - and Tuesday meant only one thing: A New iRacing Week!

Since racing in skippies, I've been told (or rather, I've come to found out) that racing on Tuesday is NEVER a good idea - since nobody's had a chance to practice the circuit (for the week), and this leads to driving standards (on Tuesday) being notably poor.

That afternoon/evening I recorded a video (on BeamNG.Drive) that I wanted to record for a little while, so that was very nice to get done.



But before we get into the race, the 12th was a very special day for me in 2020!

The 12th marked my first podium with/for Kabort and first since my rookie year (2019).

Anyway, onto today.

Today I continued an excel spreadsheet looking at the dates of the model cars I own (started on Tuesday) - it's because of this (process) that I pushed back my weekly race from 3pm to 5pm.

Today the GT4 challenge was at Interlagos (lucky me! Spa one week, Interlagos the next!)

Once again, qualifying could have gone better - I got both laps in, but my second (non-insurance) lap was seconds faster, but I went wide at Juncao and invalidated the lap.

After an absolutely LIGHTNING start, jumping from 11th (quali pos) to 5th, the pack sorted themselves out and I fell into 8th.