Launching Into July...

Morning, Morning. It's about 9am in the morning, I'm the only one awake and I have a massive dog by my feet.


Don't ask me how it's already July because I have no idea how we got here and this fast!

Like squeezing information out of an MI5 agent, we found out that the wedding would take place in Wales at a time I wish not to disclose.

Later on in this day, we'd all head up to Cambridge for a well-earnt All-You-Can-Eat buffet, me managing some of my American favourites, and making a start on some Asian cuisine (noodles, sweetcorn, chicken balls, prawn toast etc.)

It was an absolutely DELICIOUS meal, and an amazing place and I certainly recommend Nines Buffet in Cambridge to those in that direction - after this, We'd nip in the arcade, I'd play Basketball, Air-Hockey and ride in this rather rubbish rally-simulator before we all headed home, first having a late night walk with the dog, before properly dropping everyone off.

I think it's the dark (not being able to see/shadows/black-spots) and the fear of the unknown/the fact that there is something that COULD happen to me - the day providing more light and therefore more reaction time to react to an assailant, attacker or other threat - but after two walks (and the fact that those in the Land/Range Rover did not gain access to my vehicle due to me acting in an appropriate (correct, but not perfect) manner - gave me confidence that when walking at night, it will be okay, and those around me can and will protect the group.

Vigilance, being "street-smart" and listening to the dog (some dogs are incredibly smart!) will pay dividends and ensure our safety.

I'm not sure why, but I ended up driving an hour into the middle of nowhere (Saffron Walden) - although being a little further out from Harlow (especially after the adventures of the previous night) was a little bit of a confidence boost (only a tiny bit though!)

We'd return home and hit the hay.


Due to having the dog, I was gestured to sleep upstairs (the previous night).

The following morning started early - me kindly being asked to do a bit of hoovering/cleaning, to which I complied.

Later that day, we'd head out to meet my friend of a friend's to walk the dog.

Other than a night-walk and meeting a (deep breath) friend's, friend's friend (I know my friend and her friend, but not the guy we were meeting/he knew)

That was basically the main summary of the day - sorry it's been short, but the day is still young and I wanted to get everything up to date!


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