Kabort's New Direction: League Racing.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Now having involvement in three different leagues/hosted series (unofficial series held by members/teams rather than iRacing itself) it's fair to say that Kabort has more than just "dipped their feet" into the world of leagues - but where did this all start? In the beginning, there was no Kabort, it was just Truswell all alone. In his rookie year he'd only participate in 4 hosted events - the latter two being endurance races, the first two being friends of Truswell/Kabort holding a session for the hell of it.

Kabort's Hosted Debut

Kabort's very first unofficial/hosted endurance race came in October 2019, in the form of Jimmy Broadbent's 24 hour Race For Mental Health Charity event held at Zolder.

Kabort would field a single entry consisting of drivers located all over the planet...

Jaehan An (S. KOR)

Gas Cohen (S. Africa)

William Burfield (GBR)

Robin Truswell (GBR)

This would eventually end tragedy as Jaehan (Jay An)'s wheel would break mid race, smashing steering straight into a wall - and into the end of our race.

Despite the rather unfortunate end, it was still a blast to practice and and then race with Will - and considering it was our VERY FIRST hosted race - having a mechanical problem causing our "death" was a much better way to go out than crashing.

Kabort's Winter Blues

A little over two months after Jimmy's charity event, Kabort tried their luck at another 24 Hour race.

Since it was the off-season for iRacing (no endurance special events), Kabort saw interest in the Winter Nurburgring 24 Hours hosted by FBP and decided to enter two cars: Kabort Korea (All Korean Squad)

Chang Mun Ryu U Seong Yoon

Yoonho Jung

Jaehan An (Jay An)

Jae Heon Bang

Jang Han Choi

Kabort Motorsport

Robin Truswell (GBR)

Marcelo Valente (ITA)

Mete Taha Kose (Turkish)

The race would...not go so well... It'd end up in a retirement from our side, and a disqualification from the Koreans....it's fair to say that the journey back to the UK was a deadly silent one.

At least we looked the part....

2020 - Zero To Hero

January I'd attend a (solo) practice race for the Daytona 24 Hours - and bar spamming my headlight flasher (only recently mapped it) my driving standard was absolutely abhorrent - and not at all representative of Kabort - and one day I wish that never happened.

March 2020 would be the next time I'd dabble in hosted racing - and it looked like I'd have the same amount of luck...

AMG (Awesome Motorsport Group) hosted a fun race during Week 13 at Sebring in preparation for the Sebring 12 Hours (and Sebring ELMS the following week) using the Porsche 911 Cup and the newly-released Porsche Cayman GT4.

Despite a DNF, there were only 3 Porsche 911's (the rest being Caymans) - I'd still finish 3rd in class - and on top of this, I'd also gain Lars Bachmann and Peer Brennscheidt who were looking for a team in the AMG server - and we welcomed them onboard with wide, warm, open arms.

Shortly following this, the UK went into lockdown and I'd take part in the MOFO Series I constantly speak highly of - my first season in a 2011 McLaren livery - before doing the second under Kabort's livery/name. Being two seasons of 12 weeks, I must have raced in the MOFO Series for a good 6 months?

Kabort Returns To Hosted Endurance Racing

Late August would be the next time Kabort would be the next time that Kabort would enter a hosted endurance race.

This would be the 24 Hours Of Zolder hosted by DoT.ExE - and we'd enter two cars full of Kabort regulars

Kabort M24hr (BMW M4 GT4)

Dante Reynoso (MEX)

Robin Truswell (GBR)

Dominik Gahlow (GER)

Berkley Cox (USA)

Kabort Porker (Porsche 911 Cup)

Lars Bachmann (GER)

Daniel Weber (GER)

Tim Perry (GBR) Andy Jones (GBR)

Whilst the Kabort M24hr's race went as well as Kabort's previous hosted races (badly, and in a DNF) - there were huge celebrations on the other side of the garage as the 911 Cup managed to somehow cross the line in second place in the 6-strong 911 Cup Class.

Looking back, in the M4, only Dominik's iRating was above 1,200 - the rest of us straggling the 1000 iRating line. I'm not saying this was a direct cause of our problems, but maybe having a dark horse amongst us could have been hugely beneficial.

This was my last 24 Hour race since starting university - and despite the poor result, I still had a massive blast with Dante, Dominik and Berkley - which I won't be forgetting in a long time - or only until the next time we hit the track as a team.

Branching Out

On the 10th September 2020, during Week 13, Andy informed myself and Kabort of an endurance league (racing series with cumulative points over a season/series of races).

This series would be called the "ISRC" iRacing Sim Racing Challenge - and would offer those with 1,500 iRating and above the chance to race with other highly-skilled individuals in a multiclass league/series over the next 7 months - and it was a instant hit among many drivers at Kabort Motorsport.

This new interest prompted me to look into more races and leagues hosted by members (alongside officials)

There'd be a 24hr race at Le Mans for a Cancer Charity, however this was rather short notice (me only finding out about it 2 weeks before the race itself would go ahead, and with little interest from Kabort due to the hype around ISRC)

The first ISRC race would take place on the 26th September 2020, on the very same weekend as the Bathurst 1000km.

Kabort would not having a single entry for Bathurst due to work, unfamiliarity with the Supercar and family commitments from the drivers.

The 7th of October saw the start of a slightly "odd" rivalry.

After "officially" leaving our team, an individual would start/continue his own little team, and despite a little "situation" with a livery (which was able to be quickly and efficiently sorted) our rivalry would be "hot" but respectful.

We'd race this individual in the ISRC...

The first round of the ISRC would happen just 10 days later, on the 17th October (also the day that Kiara's battery would die). The opening round of the ISRC would end up the same way Kabort's previous attempts at hosted racing in the past - a retirement.

After already having bent steering at the end of lap 1, we'd get T-Boned after a slightly questionable re-join.

Despite this rather disappointing start, there was still a looonng way to go in the championship, and many points to pick up. Oh, and we got some pretty nice shots!

L: The paint was still drying by the time we arrived at Spa.

M: The livery was a stunner, made by Daniel Weber

R: An absolutely GORGEOUS shot of the LMP2 sweeping through Eau Rouge

The individual who we were in a rivalry with would not show up for the first round - so after round 1 it was 0 - 0.

Kabort were missing a couple of drivers due to the 12 hour official IES (iRacing Endurance Series) wrapping up it's final round on the very weekend.


In this past month or so, the amount of endurance races being hosted has shot up by tenfold.

From just official series, Kabort is now being involved in three different series - ISRC, the soon to be starting VEC (Virtual Endurance Championship) and the Apex GT Series, which made the switch from sprint (solo) racing to endurance racing.

In addition to this, there has also been quite some interest in "one-off" hosted special events - some we signed up to, others for one reason or another, we had to decline....here's a summary of those events:

7th November

6hrs of Silverstone (Virtual Race Of Remembrance) - Found out about this too late (9 Days Prior To Race), Unpopular Cars & @ University

+ Commentated by John Hindhaugh and my good rival Nick Daman!!

(Radical SR8, Porsche 718 Cayman GT4, BMW M4 GT4, Mazda MX5)

XRL Daytona 24 Hours ✔️

Running in the top 5, but poor driving standards from our competitors and getting constantly hit meant we retired. Our rival was in this race, however his team was disqualified earlier than our retirement. (Robin @ Uni)

ELMS (Official Endurance Le Mans Series) at Monza was also on this weekend.

GT3: Mercedes AMG GT3, Audi R8 GT3 LMS

GTE: Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GTE, Ferrari 488 GTE, BMW M8 GTE Porsche 911 GTE

LMP2: Dallara P217

14th November 2020

Stand Up To Cancer Sebring 24 Hours - @ University & Clash With Round 3 of ISRC (Monza)

GT3: Audi R8 LMS, Ferrari 488 GT3

GTE: BMW M8 GTE, Porsche 911 RSR, Ferrari 488 GTE, Chevrolet C8R GTE

LMP2: Dallara P217 LMP2

21st November 2020

Daytona Movember Endurance (6hrs) @ University

PPR Nurburgring 24 Hours - @ University - Very little interest + Another Nurburgring 24 Hours (other than the official one) which dilutes the specialness of the official N24.

GT4: Porsche 718 Cayman GT4, BMW M4 GT4

GTE: Chevrolet Corvette C8.R, Ferrari 488, Ford, BMW M8, Porsche RSR GTE

28th November 2020

Jimmy Broadbent's 23hrs Of Zolder (Was in Discord Server, however within an hour all of the spots were registered)

(Jetta, TCR & BMW M4)

5th December 2020

Opening round of VEC (24 Hours of Le Mans) - Almost/If Fully Confirmed

Epilepsy Awareness 6 Hours Of Daytona - @ University

GT3: Audi R8 GT3 LMS, Mercedes AMG GT3

GTE: BMW M8 GTE, Ferrari 488 GTE,Porsche RSR GTE, Chevrolet C8.R GTE

LMP2: Dallara P217

ISRC 1,500 Miles Of Sebring (Confirmed) ✔️

12th December 2020

Laguna Seca 24 Hour Race (24 Hours Of Limes(Lemons)) - N/A - @ University + Bad car/track combo

(Ford Mustang, Volkswagen Jetta, Pontiac Solstice)

13th December 2020

Winter Nurburgring 24 Hours - @ University / No Interest

SP9 (GT3): Audi R8 GT3, BMW Z4, Mercedes AMG GT3

SP7 (911 Cup): Porsche 911 Cup

SP10 (GT4): Porsche 718 Cayman GT4, BMW M4 GT4


19th December 2020

12 Hours of Daytona ✔️

(GT1 Chevrolet Corvette C6R,

GT1 Aston Martin DBR9,



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