Joseph B. Griffin Resigns

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

One of the biggest names in Kabort Motorsport, Joseph Griffin, has just announced his resignation from Kabort Motorsport.

"Team Principle, Please accept this letter as notice of resignation from my positions within Kabort Motorsport. My last day will be today, Nov. 3, 2019. I have been approached with an opportunity I cannot turn down. I've accepted a position within their organisation and they would like to start working immediately. By removing myself from Kabort, I hope to avoid any conflict of interests. It has been a learning experience working alongside you and your team over the last three months. Kabort Motorsport is poised for continued growth and I wish you much success with your upcoming seasons. The help you will receive from Jeff will be instrumental to the success of this team and I highly recommend you use it as much as you can. Robin, thank you for the opportunities you have given me in my time here with Kabort Motorsport. They will serve as a great foundation which I shall use to grow into my new role. Thank you. Joseph Griffin"

Joseph was a massive part of the team - creating and managing this website, (from scratch), the Facebook page, and occasionally the Twitter Page. Joseph was also the manager of the Ferrari sector within the team - ensuring that everybody knew what stints they would be doing and when they would be driving. This would spill over into the LMP1 side of things, helping the LMP1 drivers with their issues, stints and practices as well. We have not just lost a driver, but we have lost a huge part of Kabort as well - everywhere you'd look in Kabort you'd see large traces of Joseph's experience, skill and touch. As I sit here on my green Ikea (other brands are available) chair...I'm sort of dumbstruck...baffled...I don't quite know what to do - he did so much we weren't aware of too and yet we are left with a large gap which cannot be filled - Joseph did everything, and to a very high standard. Although we will not be able to replace the hole that Joseph left, we are only left to patch it up, and try and power on from where we left off - it may not be as good as it was before, but we will have try and back up to speed. On a last note, I'd like to say a massive thank you to Joseph for all the time, energy, money and effort he spent and put into Kabort Motorsport, he's truly made it a huge difference, and Kabort a better place. In particular, I'd like to thank him for the idea of making "Gold" and "Extra" - This has truly allowed some drivers to flourish and show their true colours, whilst at the same time, not put too much pressure on those who are less experienced. We will remember Joseph, and we deeply hope that he remembers us too. Farewell Joseph, Kabort Motorsport.


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