Improving As Time Goes On - The First Week Of 2022...

Good afternoon!

I hope you are well and that 2022 is treating you well, and without further ado, here's how my 2022 is going... Saturday, 1st January, 2022 (01/01/2022

As stated before, the start of 2022 didn't exactly go "flawlessly".

To start, I wasn't exactly able to start 2022 with a "fresh head" as I had plenty of things in 2021 still to upload/publish (blogs, years in reviews, years in pictures etc.) Whilst I was able to write a shoddy Facebook Year In Review post (formatting was all over the place) - the slightly "negative" trend continued on - my first race in 2022 (at 7pm) saw me (and Dominik) getting punted from behind (which resulted in a penalty for cutting the pit-entry line) - we decided to retire the car (given the damage, penalty and how far behind we'd be for a 3hr race) - this decimated my tiny iRating of just 985, which fell to 934....Fun times. After later publishing the incident to Facebook (bad idea) people were very quick to point fingers, and whilst harsh, I learnt a thing or two - so I guess it was worth the fire. (opinion was split about 80/20 in his favour)


The following day (Sunday) I managed to upload a rather lengthy blog from the 22nd December to 2nd January - not bad.


Skipping straight onto Monday, another assignment was due but I emailed my lecturer to tell him that I had recently moved house and was still getting used to everything (as of 10th January, I'd call myself "settled")

It was also the day that I managed to finish up Kabort's Year In Pictures - considering that 2021's came out in February, I call this a massive achievement.

I also went to Australia to test out one of Kabort's newer liveries.

The link can be seen here: and 2020's here: 4/01/2022

The week progressed, and I hardly noticed - day after day just coming and going.

On the 4th, another iRacing week arrived.

So far I've missed three weeks worth of TCR races:

W1 (15/12/2021) - Spa Francorchamps - Had an all day news-day at Uni (on my race-day) and was a bit too late to race competitively by the time I got to Essex. The next day, I left my headset at the other property where my rig was not (Thursday). In the world of GT3, The GT3 Challenge was at Knockhill, so that too was a miss. (due to being broke and not wanting to die a painful, pointless death (I couldn't race on my normal race day or Thursday, why should I buy a track I don't have and get killed specifically?)

W2 (22/12/2021) - By week 2, I was comfortably in my new house and had been there for about 2 - 3 days - Now the TCR went to Knockhill, but after the events of Zandvoort (leaving within the final two minutes, then my internet died in attempt two, and then got killed on my third.)

With barely 930 iRating, I think Knockhill would just be the end for me.

W3 (29/12/2021) - Another mediocre iRacing week (getting murdered and having to deal with the damage for the next 15 minutes) (the podium made up for it though) I think my head was elsewhere from TCR - which was annoying because it was at Silverstone and Silverstone isn't too difficult and would certainly have been a chance to see what the TCR's can do/are like

W4 (5/01/2021) - Silverstone was quite literally a "blink and you miss it" - the very next week, Week 4 (the week we're currently in) the TCR series returned to Knockhill - this time for the International Reverse....In about 4-5 hours time, it switches over to Long Beach - and as I'm on a recovery mission (1K Before I go back to Uni!) I think avoiding Touring Cars at street circuits would be a smart idea.

And in terms of GT3? (Wed) 05/01/2022

Since being killed - or killing myself (depends how you look at it) at Red Bull Ring, I've completed one race - GT3 Challenge at Philip Island - and quite honestly, I was shitting myself for it - weather it's in MOFO or the ARL F3 League, Philip's never been in my good books.

I was aware that my iRating had taken quite the tumble and 900 IR folk around a sketchy track isn't the greatest confidence filler - but I bit my tongue and went forth.

Okay, maybe I was a bit TOO skeptical - after all, this WAS my first GT3 appearance at Philip Island and after finding out that you have to slow down for the first two corners, I had a pretty uneventful 30 minutes before the session itself started.

I qualified 9th, which was about usual for me and went on my merry - but cautious way.

Before I even started the first lap, I had gained a position the driver who qualified in 5th started in the pit-lane...result! (this was undone as P12 was supposed to start on the row BEHIND me, but seeing as P10 started from the pit-lane, took his slot.

If we're going to be REALLY pedantic, P11 (a Purple McLaren) should have ideally taken that slot - because doing as he did gave P12 three "free" positions - P10 (starting from the pit-lane) P11 (starting in the correct row) and then myself (having the outside and optimal line through turn one)

Had P11 taken that slot, everyone behind would have to drive onto the other side of the track to occupy their new grid slots - and whilst cheeky and illegal (overtaking under safety car - he qualifed P12, so he starts P12 - shouldn't gain P11 under safety-car) it was the easiest "solution to a problem that didn't exist"

Later that lap, I'd gain the position off the guy who shared the same row as me by braking later, and pulling alongside into a heavy braking hairpin (type corner) He'd try to turn in on me, but iRacing kindly told him "there's a car there mate" and he bounced off and pulled in behind.

On the start/finish straight, he'd get my slip-stream, but I didn't want a balls-size comparison contest, so broke early and let him have it - Had he been miffed about the contact earlier - he got exactly as he wished, one shiny position.

I fell back to my starti- qualifying position of 9th.

How to deal with a missing car (5th) VS How not to (I should have a space next to myself, and the dark red Porsche should be alongside the VERY Purple McLaren

Later this same lap, P5 (Pink Porsche, next to empty grid slot) got a wheel on the grass and spun out, promoting me to 8th.

Several uneventful laps later, (on lap 8), 5th would out-brake himself and ploughed into 4th, spinning 4th, and sending (then) 5th onto the grass - I may have been a few seconds up the road - but I gobbled up both positions.

John Halton in 6th (before the crash) had also done an impeccable job of holding up the (cheeky) Porsche - had it not been for him, the Porsche would have likely started to build a gap.

I'd stay in 7th until the penultimate lap - my pit-fall being the final corner - I took it as fast as I could, but could never quite take it flat in fear of skating off wide - with the lower speed coming out of the final turn, those with slipstream and taking it flat could create a gap - this is where I lost the leaders - and almost finished 7th - but by sheer LUCK, P3 went off at turn two (on the penultimate lap - the absolute PAIN!), before the two in front of me went off at one of the final corners - the Porsche leaving his braking a little late, going deep and then spinning, before the Audi behind spun in sympathy...

Across the line I was screaming and shouting - it was the first race that had gone right in a little while - and I was back up to the 980's - maybe 1K would be possible before February...who knows?


On Thursday, I decided to switch it up - I decided to give my Xbox One a run - I had the first four Forza Horizons and I wanted to give it a whizz. Mainly to see how many cars I could actually win, and how many you have to buy from the store - and then copy over the liveries from the older games to the new...I made it past the prologue. Yup. That far. Depending on who you ask, the reason behind this could have been either me or the AI - me for being so wary of not hitting them - or them for being rather...well...Forza-ry - or the latter leading to the former.

I just wanted a fair race. Trouble was, it was a street circuit, so very little could be done on "widening the circuit" as for the AI...they could have been worked upon.

Remember, this was a period when AI was being put to the test - Driver San Francisco had just popped on the shelves a year prior - and the very next year Grand Theft Auto V would be released for the first time - so the technology was certainly there to have coding that said "watch out, Player about!" Anyways...that sort of put me currently my Forza garage stands at 1 - a red Volkswagen Corrado VR6 - unless the AI are willing to give me racing room in later games, this'll probably stay as is.

I guess that was one story-line - main character makes it to the Forza Horizon, yet doesn't qualify for the heats and fucks off back home. And that's sort of what I did with the Xbox, turned it off, unplugged it, attempted to sort cable management and called it a day.


I can't exactly remember what happened on this day, all the days have sort of merged into one "megaday"


Ah the 8th! A favourite of mine. I actually achieved quite a lot on this day.

I started the day with a bit of Teardown, I hadn't played in a little while, and I was curious if I could try a different or alternative strategy.

After shooting rockets from a lighthouse failed to work - I decided to restart (the mission and clean up the port a little bit - usually the best ideas come by accident...and sure enough, my eureka moment came.

From memory, I was messing about and seeing if I could make a pre-planned route any quicker...

From memory, I started the mission by creating the fastest(ish) route between all of the individual targets dotted around the map.

The only exception to this was my starting point, where there was a target on the roof, and I bought it down to ground level.

Next, (from memory) I was trying to figure how to make a target on the outskirts of the map a little bit more convenient to get to - I eventually ended up shooting the metal plate holding it up against the wall, it broke - I did this to the other side and the metal restraint broke - I was onto something - if I managed to free this propane cannister...surely I could "free" every cannister, load it onto a boat next to the finish line and just light up the rocket-launcher. Before going all out crazy, I worked out that for 8 - 9 targets with two metal plates each, 12 bullets wasn't going to cut it - so I returned to the menu...and got quite a few more. Bullets loaded, I started freeing the poor trapped propane cannisters - starting with the labatory - which was easier as the walls were flimsy and I could just hit the walls down with a hammer - the notoriously difficult lighthouse target was next (dragging the sodding thing down every step) before managing to shoot the remain targets off the wall... Despite some explosions going off whilst loading them onto the boat, I quick-saved and quick loaded and eventually....the below happened...

It was probably the best hour of my life I've ever spent - and now I'm on a mission I've never tackled before - and the penultimate mission of part one.

That evening, with a new-found love for a game I put down for a little while, I decided "hey, if Teardown went well - why not have a go at restarting my trucking career on ETS2, so at about 7pm that same evening - that's exactly what I did.

(Pic) I started off creating the account, adding the mods and eventually getting quite far in my career (compared to how far I got on previous attempts).

New Beginnings

The problem started however, when I got a job from Carlisle to (the isle of) Orkney in Scotland.

The way I like to play Euro Truck Simulator (2) is by starting off in town/city A, taking a job to town/city B and then from B to C - I'm in Town/city B - so why not set off from the same place?

The problem comes when I accidentally discover a town/city on my travels (whilst passing through) - I didn't stop, visit or discover that place, I simply drove past it - which is annoying because I only want/wish to "discover" places I've actually delivered to.

From Carlisle to Orkney, I discovered Glasgow, Inverness and Thurso - Glasgow was avoidable, as (had I set the sat-nav differently) I could have taken a different route, Inverness less so - and Thurso was the only way onto the Isle Of Orkney - but I had plenty of other job offers - and declined going to Norway because of "accidental discoveries".


I eventually restarted the sim/game and started afresh the next day - this lasting a considerably less amount of time as I was blocked in by Traffic upon leaving the depot for my first job at Tesco - the same thing happened at Wilnet (fiction ETS2 company) and since then I've had the attitude of "so you don't want me to play? Fine, I won't play" - hopefully by this time next year the AI will learn to give way - or there will be a box-junction in front of every place of work.

Nobody saw the trucker trying to emerge for the past hour....or all were just selfish pr-

10/01/2022 On Monday, I began (writing) this blog and left my room for the first time since I got here - the task at hand was to move around/sort some boxes in the garage to begin to make it a little more "habitable" where it was just used for storage beforehand.


Yesterday was also surprisingly productive - I completed my annual tradition of taking a load of screenshots of a Ferrari at the Nordschliefe before then having a look at how I might complete the penultimate Teardown mission of part 1 - this being to hack into half a dozen or so devices whilst a helicopter fires bullets at you - the secret being to remain under cover for as long as possible. Whilst your health "regenerates" - the roof of the building you're in does not - so it's about being quick on your feet and finding the safest route (under cover) whilst hacking the targets.

I have tried (multiple times) to take down the helicopter with a rocket launcher, but the developers have thought about this and made the helicopter invincible - thinking about it, it's probably for the best - if you took out the helicopter before the first target, you could just go for a jolly walk around the map with no time-pressure or enemy.

The GT3 Challenge race happening today (12/01/2022) will be in the next blog, so I will see you then, have fun!


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