Gas Cohen Resigns

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

In an already tough-going series of weeks, two other huge names leave Kabort Motorsport - Gas Cohen and Nicholas "The Boc" Boccanfuso.

Gas was an absolutely fundamental part of the team since the day he started - supporting (pretty much) every post/message/decision I made. His final message to me was:

"It's not been an easy year for me, possibly my worst in fact - but joining Kabort was one of the highlights. I've understood more over time about what I want from a team, and during my difficult period in life recently - I realise I want to be driving with the drivers I have become closer to, have enjoyed driving with both as teammates and as good people to be around, and I need 99% stability and continuity in and around the driving to give me the feeling I don't need to get involved but if i wanted to I could.
I hope that up to now I have contributed positively, and I don't mean to add to the list, but this is something I do need to do to ensure my racing mentality does not turn sour. I have spoken to Nicholas and Joseph, and I hope to join and drive with at least one of them wherever they go next. Please humbly accept my resignation from Kabort as of today 5 November 2019.

I truly want to see the black and gold (or new team colours) and the Kabort name find a way to shine in the future. This decision is more difficult for me to make than it is for you to hear. Having put some effort in I was invested in the team, and it's hard to let go - but I feel the recent changes and inputs have been positive. With dedication seen this week, I have no doubt Kabort will rise stronger than ever. Thank you all for the racing and the times between. I hope to see u all pushing your irating goals, and maybe I can catch mine up and race u in future. Best of luck to the team for all that lies ahead. Yours in racing, Gas"

With this said, I would like to wind back the clocks, and remember some of my best moments with the crazy South African. Gas originally contacted me just over half way through the Season 3, 2019 VRS Endurance Series. Hearing this, I was absolutely stoked...I saw some of Gas' posts in the forums, and even once raced him at Imola (I believe) during the previous seasons' Ferrari GT3 Challenge. We eventually agreed that he could race with us at the final race of the Season... Gas joined Kabort at the VRS Endurance at Suzuka. Interestingly, prior to this, we had only run a 2 car team once before at Spa Francorchamps. The following season, Gas grew to Kabort like a duck to water...he was straight in - competing at Spa, Barcelona as well as THREE special events - Bathurst 1000KM, Petite Le Mans and the Jimmy Broadbent 24 Hour race for mental health.


Offtrack, Gas was also very vocal and very involved in the team, the running of the team and all the discussions that would occur on the discord channels - and not to forget his cracking personality. During Kabort's final week before "The Night" (See oldest post), Gas made me a list of things that he'd like to see me improve/change/edit, as well as things I was doing well...This was incredibly helpful for me, as I like it when my team come forward and tell me of ways/areas that I can improve on.

Gas, like Joseph, was (as I said) an absolutely huge part of Kabort Motorsport from the moment he stepped in - and it was - and still is devastating that he left.

Despite the sadness, I am also glad he felt he was able to leave - the worst scenario is when you don't want to leave because either you are too attached, or because the boss is forcing you to stay, or another reason likewise, and I am glad he left on a positive notice.

Goodbye Gas.

More Leaving To end this topic, I'd like to end by saying that all Dave South, Nicholas Boccanfuso, Jermaine Warren, Marcel Van Den Berg and Mark Zuidhof have left Kabort Motorsport - the two Dutchmen leaving for a bigger team with a better atmosphere, and Jermaine leaving without prior notice. Thank you all for the contributions and memories with Kabort Motorsport you've made - and I hope you all have a successful future.


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