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Good afternoon Bloggians...

This is very likely going to be my last blog before UniBlog comes back, bursting into life.

The blog prior to this one finished up on Wednesday, 7th April - after my surprise podium.

Thursday 8th April After waking up late (and then everything after that being late), I went to Brighton with Evie - first getting food along the way, before walking down the beach to let the dogs run. After less than 2 hours, we'd bundle back into the car and I'd bang in an address very close to my heart - Peacehaven. We (Sorry, I) had a little trip up memory lane - driving down the road on which my paternal grandfather once lived.

I haven't been the luckiest with ancestors/Grandparents - my paternal grandmother passing when I was still rather young - by the time I was 20, I had only my maternal grandmother left. Alas. We'd end this day by going to Box Hill and watching the sunset - being a nice day, it was simply spectacular.

The ETS2 Iberia DLC did come out - but with Uni and a "little" pause from ETS 2 (can't find the motivation to dive into a career mode) my money is safe for the moment.

Friday was also very much a planning/prep day - me planning my (final) trips out with Annie and Evie, races and other adventures and planning/work

Saturday 10th April, 2021 - Shite To Height

If I had to rate the day, hour by hour...It'd probably go something like this...

As I woke up, I was not too bad, I just had a decent nights sleep and I was ready and fresh for the new da- oh. My alarm clock didn't go off. Fuck.

It's 10:30am, and the Monza EES (European Endurance Series) is well under way. Well, at least I've been registered and my team-mates are competent. Me meanwhile? Well, the first stint went alright, but then during my second stint, I was called on Facebook whilst racing. Around Monza. The Temple Of Speed.

I came into the pits at the end of my second stint (to splash and dash for the end) and I tabbed out of iRacing to close facebook/see who was calling me. Whilst putting my keyboard down, I banged a hot-key - putting a little display on my screen (current lap time vs all time best) - I tried to get out of the car and remove this, but in the intensity of the pit-stop, I couldn't find the option to turn it I set off with it on - the last 30 minutes basically consisting of me wiping out a Porsche (he continued), trying to remove the f-ing black box on screen (spamming all the keys on the keyboard, this only bringing up more on-screen nonsense. In short I lost the team a potential Top 10 - and whilst I did gain rating, it was the worst rating I had gained...the sort you don't deserve.

With the race finished, I sorted Evie and Annie out. Saturday being (admittedly) not a half-bad day, with car-singalong, venture up to Box Hill (despite being a bit cloudy) and good food in our stomachs...Even watching a sneaky episode of Glee (in the house) and Mall Cop in the car which was actually quite good, albeit a bit quiet in the beginning.

I'd drive them home to their respective houses and with that Robin's Uber Company fell out of Bus- Well almost, there's still Sunday, but it was one of the last Road-Trips.

Late (6pm) last (Saturday) night, I was informed by Lorenzo, my second driver, that Sunday's race (VRS Endurance) wouldn't work. With both meeting up with a friend and Annie on Sunday afternoon, this was sort of a blessing in disguise, though it still sucks that that Monza race remained as my last race before going to University. It's likely I will go onward from Annie's house onward and upward to Wolverhampton, but we'll see what happens.

In that case then, I will catch you in the first UniBlog of 2021 - Bye for now.


(Editing Credit: Evie Reddick)


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