A Few Questions from a mystery viewer

Two days ago, I received a message from a keen fan/reader, so I decided to answer his questions.

Why not broaden the topics you write about?

Since starting Uni/UniBlog - this has been my experience of Uni (university) and my life through it - when I ran out of money because I bought the entire confectionary aisle at ASDA, I wrote about it - it was - and still is a way for me to re-cap the day/week and remember and to get it out there/off my mind - had I not blogged I feel that I'd be like "I've had a crazy week and it's overwhelming me what happened when?"

It's also very interesting because it's almost live, this time next week I could be writing about something totally new, different and never experienced before - something I'm going into blind or the first steps of a long process.

Obviously, the start of this university term has probably been the craziest and unusual and unprecedented since probably the war - and had it been normal, either I'd be too busy to write one, or I'd write one saying "I went into the XYZ campus building and made a news broadcast" - weather I'd include pictures or not, I don't know but it's good publicity for the university either way.

Attached to this, I'd like to answer who my blog is for...well, it's a difficult one - in the beginning I was naive and thought that a couple dozen people would be interested in reading my life story - just like the many YouTube channels I've created, obviously that's not the case and in reality nobody other than my parents and possibly my girlfriend actually care - or care that I've written a blog.

So to answer who's it for? Mostly myself. Maybe I'll come back to this one day, or it improves my writing, I just thoroughly enjoy writing/typing - especially when it's about me.

It means the world to me when people read my Blog - so whoever reads it, it's massively appreciated, even if it has nothing to do with Kabort Motorsport.

Could your blog be more than just a diary? Could you express your thoughts about the pandemic, for instance?

Whilst writing this blog - or Q&A session, or whatever it may be - I stumbled on this question, typed a few words, and then hit "backspace" many times. Kabortmotorsport.com/blog was never meant to be a "lifestyle" blog - in the beginning (if you scroll back far enough) this used to be dominated/filled with race reports and Kabort updates of driver changes and things the team was doing - but since starting uni (admittedly one of the most exciting times of my life - making blogworthy content daily) it's totally changed and so long as I have enough content I think the daily "lifestyle" blogs are here to stay and if I have a strong feeling about something, it'll appear in the blog.

These questions however have seen the beginning to a new era of this site - not a blog par-se, more me answering questions submitted - no matter the content will I get readers? No...or at least I think not - but I take every day/hour as it hits me - and as I said before, so long as I am enjoying it and there's content flowing - the blogs will continue.

If there's a pressing issue which needs addressing, I'll address it - but at the moment I've got enough content with daily adventures in Surrey.

I experimented already with the failed ABARTH series (I think it failed because nobody - as far as I know - cared or was interested and was just a weird countdown for me.

Re: My thoughts on the pandemic? and weather Formula One should continue with so many positive cases?

The pandemic does what the pandemic does, it's a dark and depressing subject and I like to avoid political topics and COVID news/mentioning COVID because at this point it's just repetitive either it's about the numbers dying, getting infected or vaccinations.

Would I rather be at university right now? If COVID wouldn't be a thing, I 100% would and be going into my second semester of almost 6 months or so of being on campus.

COVID is a thing and I'm glad I'm home, accomodation is nice and all but nothing beats home, especially if that's where the rig and iRacing resides - pretty much the only thing that's got me through this whole sheepshow.

If you would like to see this sort of thing/Q&A style blog more often then fire me an email at robin_truswell@yahoo.co.uk or contact me on Discord: Robin T. (Slow But Safe)#9546 or on Facebook - I'm available pretty much everywhere and I'd love to know your thoughts or even questions. Thank you



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