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Finishing September Right...

Hello, Welcome back. This will likely be a very short "update" blog.

Monday 19th September, 2022

Monday was Her Majesty's funeral.

Many businesses and companies closed to allow their employees to see this once in a lifetime event and to allow them to pay their respects.

My parents went next door to watch the funeral from about 10am, to 5pm, I watched snippets from my laptop/room.

One year ago, on this day, I would have left Meadow Vista, my old house for the very last time, as I headed off to Uni.

Had I not failed Uni, this would have been the start of my final year. but things change, and that's okay.

Tuesday 20th September, 2022

With businesses (and indeed the Job-Centre) now open, I whisked myself off to Newport - just because I wasn't going to University, it didn't mean I had the next 5 years free - Mum and Dad work in their own respects, and I needed to get working too.

Despite a wrong turning, I eventually arrived - and a very confused employee informed me that it was the other entrance (he wasn't confused, but myself and one other had made the same mistake)

The people at the jobcentre were absolutely LOVELY. Welcoming me in with a large smile, and getting on with just what I needed.

Whilst at Uni, I had a government grant/loan to help with rent and other costs - in this instance, the gentleman who helped me advised me to get Universal Credit over job-seekers allowance (as UC continues even if you find a job, JSA does not).

Once I'm earning enough, UC will eventually stop.

The main part of the meeting/visit was filling out information to sort out Universal Credit and sorting out a "Work Coach". In next week's episode - sorry, in next week's MEETING, I'll be talking to my Work Coach about work and what I'm looking for.

Today's been a bit of a lazy day, and tomorrow I'm headed back onto the mainland to see my friend.

Told you it was a short one!


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