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Finishing May In Style!

Updated: May 30, 2023

Good afternoon!

After a rather quiet and mediocre first half of May, the end of the month made up for the slightly tough month up to that point.

Saturday 20th May, 2023

Saturday was an absolutely insane day - and one of the most enjoyable I've had in a while.

I've always wanted to cycle around Virginia Water - I've walked it on a couple of occasions, but feeling much more comfortable on my bike (and being quicker on a bike too) I knew it had to be done.

On the 20th May, an absolutely golden opportunity presented itself - I was going to the mainland for the Inflatable Brands Hatch 5K run (5K run with inflatable obstacles) - so on my way to Brands Hatch, I'd stop off at Virginia Water.

My time-slot for the Brands Hatch 5K was at 1pm, so if I was to cycle around Virginia Water, I'd have to start VERY early.

My day on the 20th May started at about 5am - when I woke up had breakfast and headed to the ferry port for the 6:20am ferry.

I'd arrive at Virginia Water shortly after 8am and begin my ride - it was absolute bliss - barely anyone was walking/there - and I made amazing progress.

By 10am, I had made it to the Totem Pole - 3/4 (three-quarters) of the way around the lake - but then I made an error which extended my route out an extra hour - but it was an absolutely glorious day, so I didn't mind.

At the North-Easterly tip of Virginia Water, next to the Totem Pole, there is a further Pond water called "Wick Pond" and having no compass/map (only following the edge of the water), I thought this was a part of Virginia Water and continued cycling north.

Not wanting to venture off-course, I stuck to the paved path, which took me to Obelisk Pond - which, I naturally followed the water's edge and had an ice-cream (at about 10am), and then headed off again.

You can probably imagine my bewilderment when I looped back to the start of Obelisk Pond - only to realise that I had completely lost Virginia Water.

I took the first left I could to try and get back to Virginia Water and then found myself in a car-park - I thought this was the car park for Virginia Water, but it turned out to be a car-park for Savile Gardens and Obelisk Pond.

Passing by the reception/front building and continuing on North (I didn't know what direction I was heading in) in an attempt to find Virginia Water again, I accidentally ended up at "Cow Pond" a very square pond/body of water.

After taking a few pictures of "Cow Pond", I checked the map and realise I was absolutely miles off-course.

In an attempt to right myself, I turned round and tried to use instinct, but ended up next to a massive equestrian field - with horses racing and training - on the way there, I saw a lovely horse and cart - the horse being called Henry.

Having got lost twice, I eventually used google maps to head back to Virginia Water - by this time the lake had got incredibly busy (being a lovely summer's day - and a Saturday) - with map guidance, I did make it back to the car safely and in once piece - but did thoroughly enjoy my adventure/explore.

Next up was the Brands Hatch 5K - just what I came to the mainland for - after doing the event in 2022, I knew exactly what I was in for - and knew that I had to pace myself over the course of the 2 laps.

I'd say there was about 10 or so different obsticals spread out over the 2.5km course with grassy sections you'd have to run too (in between).

After completing the course, I'd grab a well-earnt hot-dog. The plan from here was to go to Beaulieu Motor Museum (something I always forget to do) - but a friend wanted to see me for the night, so I headed there instead.

Either on Sunday or Monday I returned to the Isle Of Wight.

22nd - 28th May, 2023

This blog is already quite lengthy, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

Starting May, I was only participating in 2 leagues, in the final week of May, this doubled to 4.

Monday (22nd May)

On Monday, it was supposed to be the opening round of the Varano British GT Championship - however, due to a lack of entries, this was postponed.

Instead, I'd compete in the "Sausage Dodgers Launch Event" ending an "8-races-in-a-row" streak in the Aston Martin Vantage starting almost a month ago (23rd April)

I'd finish 7th/8th (technically 6th - as I accidentally pitted on the final lap, thinking there was a mandatory stop)

Tuesday (23rd May)

The league madness continued into the following day when the QRT League headed to Charlotte Road Course - the fact that only 3 GT4's showed up, opened the championship wide open - giving myself and 3 others the possibility to win the 2023 QRT GT3/GT4 Battle Tour Championship.

I'm currently writing and in-depth Season Review QRT blog.

In 7 days time, on the 31st May, the championship-decider is due to take place at Hockenheim.

Also on this day, I had a driving lesson.

Wednesday (24th May) - Thursday (25th May)

On Wednesday and Thursday, it was just my standard league racing days

DRM (Weds) (Laguna Seca) Quali: 10th/14th

Race 1: 8th/14th Race 2: 7th/14th

VRG (Thur) (Imola)

Quali: 12th/13th (2 seconds off)

Race 1: 11th/13th

Race 2: 7th/13th (1st In AM Class)

and then I went to my friend's house for the weekend.


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