Ending The Season On A Low

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

This blog was totally not written on the 18th December 2019, and of course I didn't edit the upload day.... Imola My first visit since the phenomenal fun I had with Kiyan, hopefully I can have some luck again. Qualifying didn't go too badly with Oliver qualifying us 11th place. Despite not practicing (due to being in Wales) I have to say, that Imola was one of the most successful races we’ve had. Which is saying something, because we’ve had quite a streak of bad luck (the best part of the season), and although I was disconnected for having little to no internet, and internet problems plagued my whole race (cars disappearing, flying, audio cutting out) – Oliver (2nd and only driver for that race) actually managed to battle someone, it’s like a Sauber getting points…it’s something so insignificant, small and tiny, but we actually had a side by side battle – which in retrospect is huge, considering we’ve been at the back of the Grid for so long.

Oliver’s first stint couldn’t have gone better, some IPD (In-experienced Professional Drivers) at the start giving us some trouble, but Karma dealt with them, and then a solid, consistent performance until our pit-stop. We were running between 10th and 13th at that point. Two laps later We then dropped to 16th/17th after contact From here it was a recovery mission. Oliver, being the hero he is, managed to return us to 10th place....before I had to get in the car and ruin all the work he had done by putting us dead last. This is where we finished.

Imola VRS Endurance

ET: 21


Q: 11th

R: 16th

F: 16

S: 19

SOF: 1726 Summit Point I was rubbing my hands together for Summit Point because it's a very tiny track and the GT's are huge - so obviously it would be a Wreck-fest...which is just what I like....unfortunately, my computer had other ideas...first hitting me with an update, before then telling me my internet was down. We were going to run 2 drivers - me and Oliver Mandrish, however with my internet doing it's thing, I couldn't get into the session, and therefore had to call it quits. Despite this, he went from 22nd to 15th within the hour, so there's positivity there. Summit Point VRS Endurance

ET: 33


Q: 21st

R: 14th

F: 25

S: 33

SOF: 2210 Suzuka We've had two race of bad luck...maybe we can make it third time lucky? For the first time in a while, we ran more than one car - we ran one official Ferrari, and Max trailed along in the McLaren with Daniel Newell (surprisingly). This race also saw Kabort Star Gas Cohen for the first time as he made his debut for the team in this race. Gas qualified us 16th, which was satisfactory, whilst Max qualified 19th. For the race, things went a little bit south - not the best impression you want to make on a new driver. Oliver, as always, made a very good start - making three positions on the first three laps, getting us into 13th...this obviously being unlucky and plummeting us down into 20th. Despite getting back up into 16th, and battling for the last few positions, the incident points were racking up, and unfortunately we got too many and were unfortunately disqualified. Daniel and Max also didn't have too much luck either, falling from 19th to 23rd from the start, and whilst scrapping for last, got disqualified as well. Hopefully we'll have a better time next season. Suzuka VRS Endurance ET: 25


Q: Kabort Motorsport: 16th (Gas Cohen) | Kabort Car 1 (Maxim Badidi): 19th

R: KBM: DSQ | KBM Car 1: DSQ

F: 19

S: 23

SOF: 1726