Diving Into 2021!

Good Mor- Af- umm Eve- NIGHT?!??! As I write this, it's about 6pm on the 1st of January - and today's been a blur, but we'll get onto that.

I'm not really sure where to start this blog - but I think the best place to start is on New Year's Eve Day.

I woke up and at 11am or so, posted a very long - but cheesy paragraph, celebrating my and my girlfriend's 6-Month anniversary.

At 12:00 (midday) my 12 hour iRacing practice session goes live - racing into the new year (this was in the end a stupid idea as everyone filled up the server, and then left before midnight. Because there were 62 entries no-one new could enter.

Fast-forward to 8:30pm, I ask my parents if I can watch some stand-up comedian doing a New Year's show at 9pm, however they were watching Peaky Blinders which slightly over-ran (me finding out by coming downstairs)

I don't know what it is with me, but I don't like coming into a program half-way through - I'm annoyed that I missed the start of the programm and wonder what I've missed - but that's just a personal thing.

From 9pm until 9:30 or so, I finished up 2 of 3 massive "review" blogs ("Truswell's Entire Racing Career" and "2020: Year In Review") I wanted to complete - now with only "Kabort's Year In Pictures" to finish up before being fully up to date.

I then cleaned my room (wanting to start the year with a clean room and not fifty different trip hazards) which took until about 10 or so.

At 11:00 we begun watching Graham Norton's game-show with celebrities, which finished and gave way to Alicia Key's singing in an empty theatre. No discredit to Alicia - and maybe it was just the fact that no crowd made it awkward, but I found her a little quiet and that other years were a little "better"

We watched the London countdown/fireworks on TV as they went on all around us here in Surrey.

it was Officially 2021 and time to start a new, fresh slate. I had cloudy apple juice (damn that stuff is alcoholic to me!) whilst my parents cracked open some bubbly.

After a song or two more from Alicia we flicked over to BBC Two to listen to some MARGINALLY better music by some bands.

This finished at 01:16am or so, I helped carry stuff into the kitchen before retiring to my room - staying up a couple more hours before hitting the hay for my first sleep of 2021.

After a dream about a Christmas Tree setting on fire and us all running away, I woke up at 3pm after a very, very good sleep.

I'd respond to the last few people wishing me a Happy New Year before cracking on with the Blog before this one - and this one - this taking me until 6pm (6:30pm on this line)

Fortunately, there's a Pizza in the fridge, so I can just slap that in the oven and call it Brunner.

After that probably have a bath and hit the hay...again.

Damn - I haven't touched my rig in a day - am I alright?!?

Talk soon - hope 2021 started well for you!

- RT


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