Christmas 2020: Different But Not Worse.

Good Evening and a very Merry belated Christmas to you all!

This was obviously supposed to come out earlier, but I was celebrating Christmas with the family and therefore never got the chance to write my Christmas Blog of 2020.

For me, Christmas started on the 24th December - coincidentally, the very

day after the other blog ended.

Other than sob as Surrey went into Tier 4, (the tightest of the UK's restrictions) I didn't do anything on the 23rd.

All I did do was cross out all the plans that I DID have.

At the strike of midnight on the 23rd/24th December - I'd wish a portion of my friends - and Kabort Drivers past and present a Merry Christmas - either they'd respond that "it's Christmas Eve" - or they'd wish the same back to me - obviously some wouldn't reply at all.

It was getting late or early, (02:30am) so I went to sleep until 11:30am, and then continued.

Also on Christmas Eve Day, I'd attempt to race F3 (Formula 3) at Sebring but uhh yeah....It didn't go too well.

I'm a positive pansy - and I think the best thing you can do is take it on the chin and say "that sucked, but It'll make the next one taste even sweeter!"

So what went wrong?

It's very much about cause and effect. So on the surface, one could say I was annoyed, and driving with an aggravated state of mind caused me to make mistakes, which in turn made me madder. But let's look deeper - let's learn a thing or two. What made me mad/annoyed/irritated/aggravated?

iRacing's slow-down penalty - meaning I have to drop back for 1 second - losing time and positions, so because I was falling down the order, I got pissed off at myself. Let's go even further - What caused the slow-down to appear?

I minorly cut the inside of the last bit of the Le Mans Curve chicane leading onto the "Ulmann Straight" (back-straight - not start finish).

So now we can see and realise that anger had nothing to do with it at all - it was all to do with me turning in too soon and just marginally cutting the corner - probably in fear of understeering off wide. Let's have a look at this from an onboard view to see what can be done.

Time quickly passed and it was eventually Christmas Eve - a couple of minutes before midnight I talked to Nick, one of Kabort's drivers, before having a bath "whilst Santa was meant to visit" (cough, cough) before heading to bed - my parents told me to have a lie in - which was a first - so after waking up at 6:45am, I had a lie in until 11. In my stocking were a couple of sweet treats including a packet of Haribos (only just tucked into them now), a chocolate bear, a chocolate santa and some home-baked goodies (shortbread, brownies, and a little chocolate rice-crispy snack and a millionaires shortbread) the lattermost being from a shop but nevertheless delicious.

For two people who had been shielding for what must have been 3/4 of the year - they've done exceptionally well - and the presents I'd get later on in the day would only further prove this!

Shortly after I woke up, we zoom-called (or it was teams) my cousins, had Christmas Lunch before starting opening our presents at 3pm - 5pm or so.

For starters, I opened up an iRacing Hoodie.

Then a Nice-ass Lamborghini Huracan in a "Less-Blinding-Highlighter" yellow

After another sheet for uni, I opened up two rather cool track-maps - one of the Nordschliefe and one of the Brands Hatch GP circuit.

the last thing I got for Christmas was a fancy little T-Shirt - the money from which went to charity.

and that pretty much was Christmas wrapped up (no pun intended!) it was a good little day, and for a difficult year it was not a bad one to end on - especially with that Lambo!

Boxing Day - 26/12/2020

On Boxing day, we zoom-called Felix (my brother) whilst I also worked on one of 5 articles I plan to upload over the new year period. (this blog being another of the five)


Today's been a very lazy little day - working on the articles previously mentioned making sure they are up to date and correct with Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar. Tomorrow I would like to work on my assingment - but we'll see how motivation levels are doing.

And that's Christmas! Thanks for reading, and I'll catch you in the next one!


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