Blog Bombardment - A Little Chat About The Past Month

Updated: Apr 28

Ever since lockdown everything has gone absolutely batshit crazy. There's no nice way of putting it, or pussyfooting around it - it's just been mad. Joe Bradley set up the Covid Cup to keep the commentators like himself, Nick Daman, Ben Constanduros, Jm Littman (Am I allowed to say that?) among other figures of interest including Adam Christodoulou sane.

I've only touched the skippy once, and after a few non-championship rounds at various tracks I was hooked - somebody suggested a championship - and with the snap of a hand it was done - a championship with a points system was created - we'd race a baseline (no setup) Skip Barber every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm(ish) at pre-determined tracks using the MotoGP points system - with full-length practice, qualifying and race sessions. Since there was a reason to drive clean (championship points, reputation and damage model) the standard of racing was simply outstanding - me being able to battle names like Bradley and Daman without being left in the dust only added to this experience What I failed to realise however, was that S2 was the season when things got a bit crazy in the official side too - N24, Nurburgring Endurance Series, Endurance Le Mans Series and the iRacing Endurance Le Mans Series all making an appearance in the next 12 weeks. I bloody love writing blogs - analysing when, why and what happens with a cheeky sense of humour here and there it just completes me - it's fun to show my understanding of a race and with the raising popularity of E-Sports, it's great practice for all types of future blogging. Who knows I could be doing this very thing in 10 years for The Official Virtual World Endurance Championship...but that's a long way off. In total, thus far, these past two moths, I have done the 6 Covid Cup races (Spa, Round 7, being next on the agenda), Monza and Road America (edited Andy's report) and done 1 out of the 2 completed Nurburgring Endurance Series races. This leaves 1 - 2 (R3 Tomorrow) NEC races, the IRES Failure we had the big N24 in addition to Spa, Tsukuba and Brands GP (thriller) Covid Cup Races, before I am up to date.

The Covid Cup is nearing the end of it's inaugrial 12-round season and looks to be put to one side as life slowly restarts in the real word. With University appearing in the summer - the blogs and racing may slow to a mere blog a week - with some real-life blogs making an appearance, and the focus really turning to university.

But no matter the result, as time goes on, life will happen and I've got to take it as it comes. - Robin