Another Thrilling Week

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Good Evening, I hope you are well.

My last "proper" blog ended on the 23rd July, the blog after, me summarising my weekend's racing activity - and Kabort's phenomenal multi-podium success at the Spa 24 Hours - Green managing a P4 from 32nd and quite the eventful rollercoaster of a race - Had it not been for some cheats who ruined their iRating to get into a low split, that would have been Green on the podium too.


Sunday was essentially a free day for me - I didn't want to do anything on the back of the disappointment of Spa.

I can't actually remember what happened after Spa, other than, probably, writing a blog and chilling in my room - it was very much a day to myself, Going to bed at about 3 or 4am due to the late race and chatting a bit - I was on for the 3am stint, yet unfortunately luck turned against us, and I only had two hours in the Fezza.

Alas, that's (probably) the last you will hear of Spa - because I think I've blogged the life out of it, but hey ho.

Although I did pass the day by blogging, looking for beautiful locations on Google Maps (as you do) and upload a sweet little edit of mine and Dominik's very, very fun NEC outing.


The action and adventure returned on Monday the 26th, Robin's Uber Service properly firing into action as I picked up my friend, us going to McDonald's for lunch.

After lunch, we'd drive back to mine until Annie was ready (who we'd be seeing later on in the day)

When she came to mine, Evie hopped onto iRacing again - this time attempting to drive the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 - At the Spa 24 Hours, me naming her Lacey.

In the final half an hour before we left for Annie's (her being - or previously being unavailable until 5pm) Evie had her first race against AI - which she enjoyed - especially as the AI struggled and she gained 10 places in the opening lap or so (the AI being involved in a little accident of their own)

Mere seconds before we had to leave, I tried to overtake a pack of F3 cars (60 cars) around Austria, it's fair to say I managed, and after almost going to the wrong house, I arrived at Annie's at 5pm on the dot.

We'd start the fun evening/afternoon by watching the end of a rather "saucy" movie - famous for its "raunchy" nature.

Following this, Evie's boyfriend would arrive, and Annie's mum would offer us all Pizza - I went for margarita as per usual.

It was a very chill evening/night in with our lovers and the first double-date to actually go successfully, eventually at midnight dropping Evie back off at home before going home myself.


At about 11:30am, my auntie and uncle came over for lunch (lasagne!) and I ate with them and my family before having crumble for desert before then shooting upstairs and returning to whatever I was doing prior - it was lovely to see them again, especially after a long time and was so good to have a chat and catch-up, even if I spent less than an hour down there eating/talking.

Whilst I was upstairs, I looked through a hard-drive containing old pictures taken of me (and even by me!) all throughout my life, these starting at mere hours after my birth to holidays from recent years.

The most shocking thing I think was seeing how much I've changed - I'm 20 and my life up to this point has pretty much flashed before my eyes - the sheer amount of memories that came flooding back while flicking through them was...a nice little flashback, and at times, tear-moving.

At about 7pm, my friend messaged me saying they needed to see me - two serious incidents within 48 hours of one other. I won't go into detail into what, as it's not my place to and I have no business in either incident, however they asked me to come down, and I obliged to help out where I could.

It was already pretty late by the time I arrived there, but the plan for the following day (Wednesday) was to go out of town for the day.

After bumbling around town for a bit, I eventually settled in for the night


Wednesday started early, first picking up a few friends, then heading to McDonalds - as it was almost lunch time, before heading to a new corner of the country I hadn't been to before: East.

I have been far to the East before, however that was Ramsgate which is in the South East, Great Yarmouth being further up north.

It was a good journey with nothing really to report, and once we got to Great Yarmouth, there were three things on my mind - Beach, Souvineer and a McFlurry.

I'll admit, the last one was only because the one I bought for the journey had turned to literal water (milk in this instance) and with no straw or anything, drinking it would be a disaster waiting to happen (one could say a "recipe for disaster")

We parked next to Great Yarmouth's Walk-Through Testing Site before first getting myself (and others) something to eat, before heading down "Regent Road" - which was the High Street, but just for pedestrians, with the Police occasionally rolling through.

I eventually ticked off both goals for Yarmouth as I found a small, little Ice-cream magnet with the words "Great Yarmouth" on it - I'd later stumble upon a shop selling these in life-ring form, but having already burrowed a little bit of money for the McFlurry and magnet, I didn't want to over-stretch my - or indeed their - budget.

Upon going back up this street, my friends found a a do accessories (leash, collar, muzzle, harness etc.) shop, right next to a temporary tattoo artist...despite their best efforts, I continued to decline - I know they don't hurt and they are just (basically) stickers, but my body, type and personality really weren't made for tattoos - I'm skinny, small (not really anywhere to put it) and rather feminine - tattoos are a bit "masculine" and manly - or cute - like a frog or something, and I just don't really fit either of them.

Alas, whilst they were getting their tattoos done, it began to rain, heavily...we helped the owner rush all the designs inside the shop and chilled out until the rain had cleared, this time heading towards the beach/coastal area. On the way there, we pass a few Pontiac Trans Am's, and a hidden Corvette. Upon investigating these, we found a cop car - or a replica cop-car parked next to a 2006 Ford Mustang. Nice!

As my friend sits down, in front of us lies the beach. Having rarely been on a sandy beach, I jump/leap off the promenade walk, and sprint/run/jog/walk (in that order) towards the sea - Great Yarmouth has quite the long beach so, it took a good five or so minutes to get to the waters edge - looking at the pebbles down there, I assume it was low tide.

after the obligatory touch of the water, and "this is a nice, quiet place where nobody else is" thoughts, I run back up the beach, just in time for two classic American cars to arrive, parking up next to the Mustang already there.

Judging by the tail-lights, I have a stab at a guess that the gold one (below) is a '59 Chevvy Bel Air. It's an Impala.

Left: Bel Air

Right: Impala I saw

All I know is that one was an Impala, and the other was a Cadillac - and later on a real - or VERY good replica of a Los Angeles Police car pulled up with an American Number-plate, in US styling - a little bit like something I'd do on BeamNG Drive.

Following this, we'd head back the to the car (pretty promptly) and head back home. It was an incredibly fun little day out , and something I wouldn't mind doing again.

That evening, Yorkshire was bought up a couple of times, however due to the person in Yorkshire being busy (building a desk), It eventually fell through.


It still baffles me how a MONTH ago was my and my friends' trip to Wales - like how even?!!? I'm honestly still processing May and June, and August has arrived and is waving at me loud and clear through my kitchen window.

My friend, myself and her child slept downstairs on the sofabed (different duvets/different sides/head to toe) - I initially, my body awoke at like 6-7am - and I checked and I could have sworn that her child was there, happily sitting upright...I doze off for a couple of minutes (turns out it was an hour) and the baby is gone - this confuses me and as I've literally just woken up, my thought flashes to "my friend must have put her in the buggy, or handed her to the person's house we were staying at - but there was no buggy in front of the bed - by SHEER LUCK, I decide to get up and investigate - just in case it's more than the baby being in the - OH. OH NO. THE BABY WAS NOT IN THE BUGGY. THE CHILD WAS 3/4 UP THE STAIRCASE...SMILING DOWN AT ME!

I rush up the stairs - the last time I saw the baby on the stairs (in this house) she was just managing the bottom few) so, with a close, watchful eye, and hands out in case she falls, I watch and see if she goes any higher...there's litterally one or two steps to the landing, but no, she eventually reaches her arms out and I pick her up and bring her back to the safety of the lounge/living room.

After a quick breakfast and my friend has a phone call, I let her (my friend) know that I plan to hit the road.

After an unsuccessful search for my wallet (turns out it's behind the sofa, of course), at 11:37am, I hit the road and head home.

At 13:55, I'd arrive home.

When I got home, I'd have a fair bit on my plate and I sorted accommodation and paid my student tuitions/fees/loans/maintenance, all that good stuff - I did email a lecturer, but assuming she's on holiday, I doubt she'll see it for a little while.

Given the Spa 24 Hour blog came out on the 30th, it's highly likely that I would have written a chunk of it on the 29th too.


Aside from uploading the previously mentioned blog, Friday saw my wallet being found (late in the evening) and me racing in the GT3 Challenge - this week's race taking place in Austria.

Despite starting 11th and finishing 7th due to a competitive field, I had an absolute blast - having an incredibly tight battle with a fellow Lamborghini:

To finish 7th was INCREDIBLY lucky, the Porsche who had just overtaken me on the final lap (or a lap or so prior) spinning out at the penultimate corner.

Other than packing/sorting boxes - and the standard being declined by job companies it was a relatively uneventful day.

This blog is already getting quite long - and with two races to report on over this past weekend, I don't exactly want it to turn into the last, So, with that said, I wish you well, and I'll see you in the race reviews!


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