Another Mad Week & A Tribute To Tim

So, let's get straight into it!

Monday 16th December 2019

At 7:57am on Monday the 16th December 2019, one of my drivers, Kelson Penn, has his first child - a girl. All went very smoothly, and the entire team congratulated him on this monumental achievement. Who knows - in 15 or so years Kabort could see it's first female driver?! Late on Monday night I began an adjustment to my G920 brake pedal as it was incredibly stiff. This was the first "repair" or "modification" job I carried out independently. I may have lost warranty, but it was already 3 months old and second hand (but in mint condition). The fact that others had done this before me gave me confidence that this would not destroy the set.

Tuesday 17th December 2019

Tuesday was slightly busier, as Doug, my painter had finished the "base" for John's F3 car that he requested. I was also meant to pick up MSP (My Surprise Project) that I had been working on since August, however I did not have the funds/time on this day, I would be picking it up tomorrow (Wednesday) Also on this day, some very exciting news was announced which I shall go into detail in a separate post, but now it's time to remember the legacy of Tim Kasigkeit. Tuesday was an incredibly sad day for Tim Kasigkeit, as I had to say goodbye to him. I had last heard from him on the 24th of November, and with the team heading straight into Spa Francorchamps (ELMS Week 1), and setups and all being published, I didn't want anything to happen. If he does respond, or I get news on him, I will not hesitate to allow him straight back into the team Tim Kasigkeit, Kabort Motorsport - 30/05/19 - 16/12/19 Tim was the first driver ever to join Kabort Motorsport. We first met whilst practicing for the 2019 iRacing Nurburgring 24 Hours, and we were both in a team called "AOD Racing" (Angels Of Death Racing). We both were uncomfortable. I went of (With the help of Steen Ledger) and found RSR Esports, whilst I am not sure what happened to him. Shortly after, I created the endurance branch off of RSR Esports, and with a handful of RSR Drivers, I invited him too. His first race at Kabort Motorsport was the Season 3, 2019 VRS Endurance race at Watkins Glen, followed by the next two rounds of the season at Spa Francorchamps and Brands Hatch - being a part of the car that scored two of Kabort's highest finishes (8th and 7th respectfully). He unfortunately missed Interlagos, but returned for the hellish Mount Panorama for his final race of the season, finishing a respectable 29th. Other than myself, he completed the most races of any driver during Season 3. Tim was also a key member at the Spa 24 Hours, and had some incredibly flawless stints. In Season 4, he ran the last three races of the season at Le Mans, (30th) Twin Ring, (24th) and the infamous Sebring Race (28th) He was an incredibly hard working driver, an had some true talent which will be deeply missed by the team. Wherever he is now, whatever he may be doing - I wish him the best of health - both mentally and physically, and we will be awaiting his return to Kabort Motorsport should he choose to take that path. auf wiedersehen Tim, Kabort Motorsport Tim Kasigkeit, Kabort Motorsport - 30/05/19 - 16/12/19 Following this, I uploaded the information for the ELMS Spa Round. Marcelo (a very smart man)then used this to put together a list of all the upcoming iRacing Endurance races into a spreadsheet, and highlighted the clashes. Through the process of deduction (only Team Endurance Races longer than 12 Hours), only two bad clashes remained - The Daytona 24 Hours, and the ELMS round at Le Mans, (Week 3) and the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the first race of the season 3 ELMS season. But then my genius came up with quite an 49 minutes past midnight on a Wednesday Morning Wednesday 18th December, 2019 After doing a vote, (previously) I found out that: ELMS: 9 People Interested In Racing Daytona 24 Hours: 5 People Interested- (Only 3 people of the 9 interested in ELMS want to do the Daytona 24hrs) So, that meant, If the 6 drivers that are only interested in doing ELMS do the late stints, (stints/hours 4-6) that can give time for those wanting to do the Daytona 24 time to prepare. Let's use Getu (Aitor Sintes-Galindo) as an example. Getu wants to do both. To make it easy, ELMS starts at 4am and is 6 hours, (ends at 10am) and Daytona is 24hrs and starts at 9am (Ends at 9am on Sunday). Getu does the really early stints (stints 1 - 2) in the ELMS Race and then gets out of the car to let the rest of the team finish. Whilst the rest of the team finishes, Getu jumps into the Daytona session (if he can sign out of the ELMS one). This only works for the Saturday 07:00 GMT race. I've (badly) drawn an example of how this may look, albeit with a different time schedule - this time ELMS Starting at 1, and Daytona (Dayt') 24 Hours starting at 4.30pm.

As you can (probably?) see, Getu does the early stints, to allow him to jump into the Daytona session later on, the "ELMS Only" drivers jumping in whilst Daytona is running. Still with me? Good. Then some unfortunate news came in. The LMP1 squad would only be running one car of two drivers...Jaehan An and Yu Sung Yune. In addition to this, one of our newest drivers, Paulo also couldn't run - which meant I had to shuffle Marcelo in with John, Marco and Mete, which was a very easy task.

Onward from here, we confirmed the time of day we'd be racing...unfortunately, what followed was the LMP pulling out entirely due to a wide variety of personal reasons as well as not being able to drive beyond 8pm local time. With just two drivers for 6 hours, this can also be very tricky. In about 4 hours (6pm) I will be picking up a very special package, so I am very much looking forward to well as what iRacing and the FIVA (Fédération Internationale de Virtuel l'Automobile) has planned for us in April.