An Update About ABARTH (Updated) & Week 13

Hello, Hello (for those that care)

The last you heard from me was at Laguna Seca for the Limes 24 Hours and as you all know (if you've read the blogs) that went....well, "not as expected".

The only other business I had on the West Coast was the Long Beach Street Circuit for Week 13 which has since finished.

Following that, I was headed down to Brazil.

Brazil's Week 13 race didn't go too badly - an 8th place continuing my Top 10 Streak for another day.

Sebring wrapped up the Lambo's week 13 debut.

VRS' (Virtual Race School) and VRS Endurance's first 3 rounds (that I'll be competing in) are all in Europe - nice and close to home....and nice and close to the starting point of my "adventure" that I plan to do in the due coming weeks.

As we speak I'm off to Belgium (Spa) for the opening round of the VRS and VRS Endurance Series - before jetting back to Florida for the Daytona 12hrs with Kabort's "Just Roll With It" entry with Adam J Pearce and Chris Skilton

Week 13 Summary

Wed 9th December - Long Beach

Start: Did Not Enter

Finish: Did Not Enter Thur 10th December - Long Beach

Start: 6th

Finish: 6th

Lambo: 4th (4th Lamborghini)

Fri 11th December - Donington Park

Started: 6th

Finish: 5th

Lambo: 1st (Highest Placed Lamborghini)

Sat 12th December - Long Beach

Started: 15th

Finish: 5th

Lambo: 3rd (3rd Lamborghini)

Sun 13th December - Interlagos (Brazil)

Started: 9th

Finished: 8th

Lambo: 3rd (3rd Lamborghini)

Monday 14th December - Sebring

Started: 6th (W/ Nosebleed)

Finished: 4th (4th place ran out of fuel on final lap)

Lambo: 2nd (2nd Lamborghini)


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