An Insanely Busy Start To 2021

Good evening. Apologies for not blogging at all this week (new record for me), I've just been incredibly busy.

With the exception of a couple of leagues, my last official race (race held by iRacing) was all the way back on the 30th December, 2020.

The league events were on the 2nd, 5th and 7th of January.

2nd: GT3 Race @ Oulton Park (2hr) testing a safety car (never came out)

5th: MOFO Trinity Championship (RUF RT12 Track) @ Suzuka - finished last in both races - the competion destroyed me

7th: MOFO Practice for Daytona 24hr - Finished first and last in GT3, LMP2's were there in abundance. 1 GTE there too. There are two MAIN things halting "progress" (in life).

The first being less important - grabbing Kabort's best photos from the year (2020) and uploading them to Google Photos. Over the year I've had MANY memories and I've only been able to sort them into folders and seperate the 2019 ones from 2020.

The other, and much larger "task at hand" is a four-part assignment for Uni in which I need to write: A News Story (like the hidden article), a specialised News Feature (a special, specific article on a specific part of an interest/hobby), a Profile Interview (Adam Christodoulou) and a reflection log (reflecting back on lectures and what I learnt).

The very fact I haven't done a blog since the 1st January, and nor raced in a proper race (X2 Unofficial Races X1 Practice session) should be very telling that time is of the essence and writing this blog right now is sort of stressing me out with the time I've got - but I felt if I got it done, it'd be another thing off my ever-growing list.

4th January 2021

Andy Jones (Team Principal of Kabort Motorsport) marked his 1 Year Anniversary at the team. The 4th of January is exactly a month after I never wrote a blog for December 4th. Weird.

5th January 2021

If my 2020 - 2021 Academic Calendar wasn't empty enough, Boris Johnson announced a third national lockdown for the UK, with the same sort of restrictions as March last year.

Originally ending Mid-February, later announcements only pushed this date to late March. A great way to start the year and 2020-1. It's very much needed with the raising cases, so I understand that - and with staying at home, at least I have the ability to race more and increase my good, old iRating.

6th - 8th January 2021

With the exception of reminders from last year (e.g: Kabort Pictures, Upload ETS2 RoadTrip Videos etc.) my calendar was all but empty....of course, except from one thing - races.

The Global Mazda MX5 Cup is at Summit Point this week and I thought (before I was busy) it would be cool to compare how I drove/raced in 2019 in January to 2021 - however I'm really in a race against time as the series moves onto a different track on Tuesday.

iRacing's Formula 3 is also at Donington Park - one of my all-time-favourite race circuits, but with the 6hr EES this weekend - Monday may be my last chance to give it a whirl.

9th January

It's been a very quiet weekend for Kabort - with no entries to the VEC (Virtual Endurance Championship) race at Barcelona and no entries to the Winter VLN series either.

The next assignment following the one on the 11th is due on the 15th of January, so no real breathing time quite just yet - but come late January/February, maybe I'll be able to have a week to breathe before firing onto the next week.

In other news, on Facebook, this past fortnight has been incredibly kind to me - three of my posts (on groups) amassing much attention - these were:

Unsuccessful Screenshots (30 December, 2020)

A screenshot of a post from "Creative Ideas" which got 41 Comments and 21 Reactions. Not bad!

Unsuccessful Screenshots (2nd January)

TL;DR - Someone got sandwich and thought that it had "Bitch" written on it - was actually "Bacon, Lettuce Tomato (BLT) and Cheese, making "bltch." This got 30 Comments, 6 Shares and 121 reactions - definitely a new one for me!

Most recently has been Insane Car Crash where I uploaded a picture of a pile-up on BeamNG Drive and the comment section went WILD! Never before had someone thought to have posted a soft-body-physics accident on a real accident Facebook page....

There were a couple of pictures - but this is a favourite:

3 shared it, 95 commented and 133 reacted.


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