An Incredibly Productive Weekend In Essex

Updated: Feb 19

Good afternoon!

I hope you are all well!

Two consecutive blogs on two consecutive days? I bet you weren't expecting that!

To ensure I get this out today, I shall stop rambling, and start writing!


Whenever I'm usually down in Essex, I usually pull my rig out and jump in for a race - this year however, was under very different circumstances.

As I came to Wolverhampton straight after the Daytona 24 Hours, it was too late to make a detour up to Essex, so I kept the rig in my car until I was free and available to go and visit them on the 3rd February.

Back in late January, I needed media (screenshots and videos) to write the ROAR and Daytona 24 Hr (iRacing) Blogs - so I set up my monitor and computer in my room - and found it weirdly more convenient as I could blog, do assignment work and game (not iRacing) all on the same machine.

My room being so small meant that the seat/wheel never fit in my room (I never tried, but I have a strong assumption that it'd be a tight squeeze that I didn't and still don't need).

On the 3rd February, I planned to see my Essex folk for the first time in 2022 - however, with the brake appointment falling on this day, I postponed this by a day.

Whilst driving down, I thought up of a new acronym: WIRUNC (WHY-RUNK)







Had my brakes not faded, and had my rig, monitor and computer been in Essex, more than likely I would have done a GT3 Challenge race (be that on Saturday and Sunday) - but due to everything being plugged in at Wolverhampton and the convenience/comfort of having an actual computer up there - unplugging everything at Wolves, plugging it in in Essex and then unplugging it all just for one weekend certainly wasn't worth it - especially as the main focus of the weekend was to move a freezer and not to go racing.

It's likely I'll get back in the racing seat in April time - about a week or two before the (iRacing) Nurburgring 24 Hours - this challenging my longest time not on iRacing (64 days in 2020)

To date, I've lasted 14 days without a race - which is currently last place (and 13th) on my "Longest Duration Without Doing A Race Document" (yes, it exists)

This day was also the day that Bastille released his brand new album "Give Me The Future" - however, after checking stores, it appears that it either sold out earlier that morning or hadn't hit British shelves yet.

In addition to Give Me The Future, it was also the opening ceremony in Beijing/China for the Winter Olympics.


Right, onto the events of the day.

After waking up at about 10am or so, I had breakfast and got dressed before leaving Wolverhampton at about midday.

Other than a mandatory stop for fuel, it was a pretty uneventful drive up to Essex - me only seeing a red Astra estate with a blue light/lightbar atop it however I'm still not sure what emergency (service) it was/was attending.

Upon arrival, we unloaded my car (and FINALLY my rig) before going out again for a evening out in Surrey with my friend before returning back to Essex fairly late.


Saturday morning also saw me being the utter nincompoop I am - first losing my car keys (down the back/inside of the recliner I slept on, and then my Santander card which I found/forgot in the house - it was rather a dyspraxic weekend, but we live.

At about midday on Saturday, all slowly get grooving (after finding all my lost stuff) - me eventually being able to tick another thing off my ever-growing list: Getting a car wash.

It was a bit blustery, and not the nicest of weather - so I didn't get any pictures of the sparkling clean car - but it certainly needed a wash after spending almost 3 months in a dirty, dire state.

Granted, it's still winter - and my car quickly returned to it's murky colour (B-Roads didn't help) - but I won't have to worry about it for the next couple of weeks which is nice.

That evening, we'd pick up a friend of ours (who also went to college with me) and a total of 6 of us (me, my friend, her baby, two of her friends and the friend we just picked up) had a very enjoyable evening out - starting at ASDA, having a meal at Wetherspoons, before returning to ASDA to get my "free parking ticket".

Wetherspoons was ever so kindly financed by my college friend - which I'm truly appriciative of.

I think (other than spending a lovely night out with friends) my best part of the night was finishing a two-course meal at Wetherspoons - some chicken bites as a starter and Mixed Grill for lunch - which I managed to finish for the first time ever!

(It is possible they reduced the portion size!)

After dropping my friend off at the station, we all headed back and fell asleep pretty shortly after


Sorry about the rather rushed previous section, I've just been working on this blog for a short while and have other things to do, so want to ideally shuffle it out of the way to focus on other more important things (assignments, uni work, concerts etc.)

Sunday was also an INCREDIBLY productive day.

After a naturally late start (midday), we eventually got onto our feet and I move a fridge/freezer up to a flat in addition to my rig (on a second run).

I've lost count of how many "appliance" runs I've done, but if needs are met, everyone's happy.

In addition to the rig and the freezer, I also helped carry in some smaller pieces like a clothes bag - and have been asked for some assistance with a few last bits and bobs in the future (this coming weekend)

With that all done and dusted, my friend asked me to come into the kitchen for a chat - this chat was asking if I'd be down to do a little road-trip to take some puppies from one friend of hers to another.

I remembered that Will was supposed to be dropping a monitor off on the same day - so I was hesitant, but Will said that Kent (where we were going) was a lot more convenient for him to pick it up there than Essex.

So, not all too much later, we headed off.

After picking up the puppies, Will was curious as to where we were - and it turns out, Waze had a bit of a "malfunction" and sent him to the wrong address/place.

This was quickly sorted as Will was heading in the M25 direction anyway, and the M25 was on the way to our final destination.

Eventually we met up at Cobham Services...yet under the weirdest of circumstances - there was a huge protest about COVID and freedom (don't ask, I'm not getting involved), and eventually we found Will hanging around the back of the car-park.

Will gave me the monitor (for context: I did some "sick" screenshots (at ROAR at the Daytona 24) and will said "Ta lad, here's a monitor for taking those"

As the protests/"activism" was still on-going, we decided to have McDonalds in the service station before then hitting the road towards our final destination - this I will keep private out of the request/respect of those who live there.

My friend's friend who we visited was INCREDIBLY kind and not only gave me pizza, but also £30 towards fuel - I honestly couldn't thank her enough - and I was told she couldn't thank me enough either.

We eventually left and took the long road home it being about midnight before we got to Essex, and about 1am before I got to sleep.

Staying at Essex on a Sunday/Sunday night is always a tricky one - do I drive tired and make it back for late before having a night of sleep, or do I have a most-night's sleep and then wake up stupidly early, have a long drive and then attend uni - it's the age old question that always gets me.

On this occasion, I did the latter - preparing my stuff for early the following morning before hitting the hay.