An Incredibly Busy Fortnight (PT. 2) (Ft. A Tough Decision...)

7/03/2022 (Monday)

Resuming where I left off, I woke up on Monday morning (after going to bed at 3am) and headed to my News Writing Lecture.

This week's lecture was about columns and reviews - exactly what our assignment was about (due that Friday).

8/03/2022 (Tuesday)

On Tuesday, the Week 13 Schedule was released and devastatingly, It'd be the second Week 13 I'd miss after Summer 2021 (instead I went to Scotland for a couple of weeks)

During Week 13, the service comes down and iRacing adds a load of features and content. Whilst iRacing is down (and they are adding content) you are able to test various pieces of content (which you don't own)) and when up, you are able to test out the new content (that you've bought) without it counting towards your iRating or Safety rating.

Now with Hungary and Knockhill (from prior seasons) I also need to buy a few new cars, but more on that in a second!

I certainly rather pass my University course then have all the iRacing content, but it's certainly a hobby/passion of mine.

Photo-Journalism that day was the postponed session from last week, looking at connotation and how a picture only captures a "particular" reality - If I took a picture of a glass of water on my windowsill, that reality only exists for 3:32pm on a Thursday afternoon (in March) - the photo doesn't show the "particular" reality after I move that glass or drink the water - it's only reality for a certain amount of time.

We also learned to look at pictures "literally" and not try and make assumptions based on just one image/photo - a smashed wine-bottle on the ground doesn't mean someone's drunk/alcoholic - a whole range of things could have happened.

It was an incredibly interesting and informative lecture covering a lot of different aspects of photos, photo-journalism and different ways to look at photos, paintings and the multiple message/s behind photos - or if there even is a message behind the image.

The Public Affairs lecture, I've sort of forgotten what happened, but it was about local government and the "Fourth Estate" - however I'm unsure of what this means, I was focussing on my upcoming assignments ~

Welcome back, I've completed my assignment and we can resume on with the Blog. 9/03/2022

On Wednesday it was my all-day Newsday and my job was to try and find a school (event) or a local event to do with the upcoming Red Nose Day (11/02/2022).

Despite calling quite a few different places (rather embarrassingly), none came to any fruitition or were doing anything remotely interesting.

I was struggling a bit because I was fighting to sort out an assignment which was due that very Friday, whilst sorting out the All-Day News-Day...It's fair to say (with a Public Affairs assignment and other things lining up behind it) my brain was pretty occupied.

In iRacing News, The 9th March marked exactly two years since the Worst Day Of My iRacing Career: Hitting an incredible 620 iRating. Since then:

9th March 2020: 620

9th March 2021: 1026 (+406 iRating)

25th January 2022: 1128 (+102 iRating) (+508 higher than 620)

(I last raced at the Daytona 24 Hours, 2022 - and haven't raced on iRacing since).

Who knows, come 9th March, 2023 I could be another 100+ iRating ahead, possibly in the 1200's or 1300's depending on how much racing I do this year.

On the 9th, I also updated my iRacing Calendar(s) to represtent my latest event(s) (just an Excel spreadsheet showing which countries I'm in on what months, very quick jobbie)


On Thursday, The (preliminary) Season 2, 2022 iRacing Schedule came out...and oh boy was I in for a surprise....

I had been doing the GT3 Challenge (with the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo) for the past 3 seasons - and didn't see any reason to change...but after the brand new Aston Martin Vantage GT4 car dropped, my mind was shifted, I wanted to do something else for 2022.

After looking at the calendar for 2022, my mind was opened to 8 different series (7 confirmed) - I joked that it was convenient a week had 7 days, and that I could do a race a day...

Whilst I was joking, I did have a small concern about which of the MANY "juicy" series I was going to pick from.

There was the:

  • European Endurance Series (EES) (6hr Races, every two weeks) - (488 GTE)

  • Virtual Endurance Series (VRS E) (3hr Races, every weekend) - GT3 (Lambo)

  • GT3 Challenge (GT3C) - (The 20 min sprint series I've been doing)

  • GT4 Falken Tyre Challenge (GT4) (15 Min)

  • IMSA Michelin Pilot Series - (Touring Car VS GT4 Series) (30 mins, 80% fuel)

  • Production Car Sim-Lab Challenge (driving the Ford Mustang FR500S) (25 Mins)

  • Unannounced Nurburgring Endurance Series (NEC, NES, VLN, NLS, Etc.)

I will mention that there WAS a ROAR (ROAR Before The 24) GT4 Series, (called the "MOAR Endurance Seires") however, they limited the fuel to 80% - making it not just a "one-stop splash and dash" (I can't be bothered to mess around with fuel pre-race).

Also missing from this list is the iRacing Grand Prix Tour, a full-length Grand Prix Series in Mercedes' 2021 F1 car (added to iRacing pretty recently).

The reasoning for this is that if I were to only do races on "Grade One Circuits" (circuits that the FIA permit F1 racing on), in addition to my University schedule, this would leave just 9 races available for me to do. (on the iRacing F1 Calendar).

Out of a 23-race calendar, that's less than half - and with my money as tight as it is, doing less than half of a series lasting 8 months would not be worth it - as going forward into the next season of F1, the same issue would likely rise again.

This reduces my choice down to 6 regular series (NEC being about once a month).

And since I've never driven the Mustang before, it's likely I'll be sticking with GT3 & GT4 for the time being.

Red Bar: Not "Grade One" Circuit | Yellow Box: Clash with Uni Schedule

Currently, I've set my heart on four main series: EES, VRS E, GT3 Challenge (if I don't enjoy GT4), and a GT4 series (or two).

The beauty of University is that I don't have to make a decision now. I've got about a month before I come home, during which time, my entire focus will be on the Nurburgring 24 Hours (could do a GT4 during that for all I know?!!?!) - If I do stick with the Mercedes AMG GT3 for the N24, then I will likely only have to make a decision in June (when I return home for the summer) - by that time, it'll be time for Season 3, 2022 - and by then we could have new content, new series or something will have jogged my mind in one direction or the other...


On the 11th March, I woke up (sort of) early and powered through my "Writing For Features" assignment - somehow managing to finish both the review (of Episode 5 of Drive To Survive) and the Opinion Column on the Russia/Ukraine conflict before the 2pm deadline.

As a reward, I went onto Facebook and on my feed, an advert on NOWTV's Facebook page came up, advertising that all 8 Harry Potter movies were on NOWTV - and NOWTV was offering a 7-Day Free trial - this seemed too good to be true, and whilst I've seen different Harry Potter's throughout my childhood/growing up, which famous scenes and characters and plot-lines belonged to which movies never really made sense to me - so, between the 11th March and 13th March, I sat down to watch them - the titles of the movies suddenly becoming ABUNDANTLY Clear!

The Philosopher's stone is about the stone Fluffy protects (and is the thing Hagrid collects from locker 687)

The Chamber of secrets is where Tom Riddle (AKA He Who Should Not Be Named) hides/Ginny is kidnapped, all the drama kicks off

The Prisoner Of Azkaban (not Hagrid) is Sirius Black

more spoilers as they come: Next up: Goblet of fire - but with an assignment due and a lecture tomorrow, it'll probably be much later.

(God I sound like a Nerd...) (Is 21 too old to be watching Harry Potter?) Eh, It's not Disney and has elements of horror, so I guess so - you try and watch Harry Potter for free! (Those 7 days are ticking down though!)