An Incredibly Busy Fortnight (PT. 1)

Updated: Mar 13

Good afternoon!

I hope you are all well!

It's been about 11 days since I last blogged, and my life as gone from 0 - 60 pretty darn fast!

I have realised that already a week in, it's getting quite lengthy, It's highly probable that I'll split this into two different blogs

I also realise I haven't used "UniBlog" since October last year, but I'm not going to start doing it because the general consensus is that every Blog is a UniBlog.

(Friday) 25/02/2022

We start this blog back in February - on the day that Grid Legends was released - whilst nice, I didn't have the time, nor was it quite my "style" of Racing Game - I don't know, I think having played iRacing, I've fallen out of love with arcade-y racers.

In other news, Haas dropped Uralkali as a sponsor (due to the ongoing situation) and as a result ran a completely plain black/white car with minimal sponsors. Looks surprisingly good without the Russian stripe down the car...

For the actual weekend of the 25th - 27th February, not all too much happened. For the most part, I was glued to the live-footage of the Ukraine/Russia Conflict (Courtesy of the BBC) - eager to find out the latest updates and what the future held for myself and Ukraine.

My brain merged the weekend together (as it's been a little while) and I don't really remember that far back.

All I remember is staying up until 04:24

(Sunday) 27/02/2022 Alpha Romeo revealed their new car...which wasn't DRASTICALLY different from previous years, but it still looked attractive.

The only thing I can remember from the weekend is uploading an article on the BeamnG.Drive forums called "The Entire History Of BeamNG.Drive" detailing all the major dates of releases of the content in BeamNG.Drive.

Monday, 28th February As the lectures returned after the weekend, my week got a little more busy. The next time February 29th would appear would be in 2024 - two further years on from now.

That Monday, the lecture was on the (quickly) approaching assignment - there were two parts to it - a review and a "opinion column" - both of which I left until the very last minute...but not as one would expect.

Very early on, I had a vague idea on what I wanted to write about in both the review and the opinion piece - the review would be on Young Sheldon, since that was the most recent thing I remember watching (at that point), and the Opinion Piece would be about the history of the Ukraine/Russia conflict.

It's fair to say that between the 28th February and the 11th March (when it was due), both went massive revisions - firstly, I didn't end up writing a review on Young Sheldon, and Secondly, I realised I had gone completely the wrong way about the Opinion Piece.

I eventually reviewed Drive To Survive and overhauled my opinion column.

The Drive To Survive Review ended up being a descriptive piece on what every frame showed "Following this, Lewis angrily stormed into his motorhome" - Instead I re-worded (literally the whole thing) to: "The episode concluded by showing Lewis' reaction to being punted off, although how he got punted off is never shown - ending the episode on a cliff-hanger, which was incredibly clever and creative of Netflix to do" - basically showing/indicating what happened, instead of directly saying "he slammed the door" etc.

The Opinion piece was a little bit more of a headache to fix as it had gone from a reasonably short article to "The Entire History Of The Ukraine/Russian Conflict, Second By Second" (more like day-by-day, but the point remains)

I don't know how, but I managed to condense a 2K+ Word Essay into a 600-odd word opinion column - somehow managing to convert it all in time


Tuesday was a very special day for multiple reasons.

Firstly, it was a new month (New Month, New Opportunities).

Second it was Shrove Tuesday....(I had a record-breaking 0 Pancakes)

Finally, it was another Tuesday, meaning another iRacing Week rolled around - this time it was Week 12/12 - meaning the following Week was Week 13.

One thing I didn't mention was that it was my "Double Whammy Lecture Day" - two lectures starting at 2pm and ending at later than 7pm.

Today was supposed to be my Photo-Journalism lecture, however it got post-poned due to a confidential reason, instead the lecturer put a lecture up online about Law and Photography.

Following this, I'd enter my Public Affairs lecture which was about news and Public Institutions, an Assignment is due on Monday.


The 2nd March was an all-day News day. It was a bitter-sweet day as my lecturer found that Wolverhampton was raising a Ukrainian flag (in Solidarity) an I/the person I was with got some interviews with people who were there.

The downside was that it was a grey, miserable, windy day - but thus is the life of a journalist. Whilst powerful, it was a pretty sombre day to think of the reality that is currently happening in Ukraine. I spent the rest of the afternoon editing.

Whilst it was the first time being a reporter in quite a while, it was good to have my face - or some part of me in the finished Bulletin - even if it was just me holding a Ukrainian sign.

Unfortunately during the actual "publishing" of the Bulletin, an interview I was doing got cut abruptly - and yes, it was me who was editing it - but the edited version (with the uncut interview) wasn't ready prior to the Bulletin having to go out.

Spoiler: The following week, I was trying to get SOMETHING to do with red-nose day, but everything fell flat. I should have honestly phoned my previous school! (although not in the area!)

3/03/2022 -

March the 3rd was honestly a clusterfuck of a day.

I knew I hadn't checked my engine fluids in my car for quite a while - but being inexperienced - I didn't know how to do it myself - or at least properly - I know where the fluids are located, I just don't know how to check if they are sufficient.

A friend of mine warned me against going to Halfords (mostly due to their steep prices), so instead, as I had done with my MOT, I went to a local garage just to sort oil - and check what a thudding was (under braking)

Ironically, where I could have got what I needed from Halfords for £15.00, I unknowingly splashed out on a full-car service at the local garage - costing over £100. Yikes.

Definitely visiting Halfords next time.

The only positive out of that day is that my oils were topped up (I assume) and I found out that the grinding was just the brakes cleaning off the brakes...and also that my rear brakes had about 20% left on them - which is going to be another expensive job, but one for April when I'm down with my family.

Following this, I headed off down Essex as an important job needed doing.

4/03/2022 - 6/03/2022

I don't know how to explain this vaguely but clearly, but we (me and my Essex friends) helped someone out with some dogs.

Due to having some business in Surrey, we stayed overnight in a hotel from Friday to Saturday (not paid by me, I love my friends!)

In addition to this, on Sunday, I also went to my home-town and saw a few old friends of mine, finishing the evening with a Wetherspoons.