All Change At Kabort Motorsport!

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

27th August, 2020. The last time a Team Principal was hired at Kabort Motorsport.

Come the 21st February, 2021 - Over a year and a month (13 months) of Andy leading Kabort to success after success - he sadly announced his retirement - stating that he was finding it too distracting from other things he wanted/needed to do.

With Andy out of the position of "Top Dog" (Head Gasket), it was time to find someone new and ready to lead Kabort on for the next year (or 10).

After a short discussion, it was decided that a young man by the name of Adam Pearce would lead the team forth. After March 8th, Adam would be the official Team Principal of Kabort - this being done in Week 13 between Seasons 1 and 2.

Adam initially joined us on June 3rd, 2020 - and right from the off he was a massive help - being actively involved in the Kabort community, discussions and even becoming (or always was/is) one of the best painters on the team.

Not overly much is known about Adam, so, here's a little introduction from Adam.

"My love for racing started in the late 90’s watching the British Touring Car Championship & Formula 1 on the TV with my family whenever possible. In the early 2000’s I began trying to replicate my on-track heroes (Jason Plato & Michael Schumacher for those that were curious) on the TOCA Race Driver & Codemaster F1 games. I began taking racing a bit more seriously on the Forza Motorsport series before making the jump to iRacing in 2014 despite still racing on controller. With age came wisdom as well as money and finally bought my first wheel & pedals in 2017 and began delving into the never ending pit of learning to set up cars and the race craft to make me the perfectly average racer I consider myself to be.

I joined KABORT in May 2020 with the intention to take part in the 24 hours of Le Mans. Despite only planning initially to do this as a one off I chose to stay with KABORT due to the community that has been built that drove each member to achieve their best and have helped me personally to be a better all round driver and continue to do so.

When I’m not on iRacing you can normally find me down my local pub trying to forget the crash I most likely caused in my last race by playing snooker, darts or skittles. I am also known to be heard smashing my keyboard playing RTS games of old, Starcraft 2 being a personal favorite of mine.

I hope that whilst I am team principal I can maintain this community culture that has been built over the time that KABORT has been functioning and to start to bring the success & recognition that this team so much deserves"

Before he was even Team Principal, Adam came straight out of the box with an absolute beauty back in September when he revealed this astonishing LMP2 livery to the team.

Within mere races photographers begun to snap up the striking livery at every race Kabort went to!

Not satisfied with just one icon, he'd then produce another - but not before beautifying the already gorgeous Audi R8...sprinkling this same livery on the new (slightly uglier) BMW M4 GT3.

Enough delay. In Late February 2021, Adam's latest "Project" was unveiled to the rest of Kabort - keeping it locked up in a secret facility in Yorkshire, nobody had the foggiest clue about this.

A brand new concept was unveiled for the first time on the 20th February

It was a new direction - one not seen before, but it paid off - Adam Recieved good feedback...and the Circle-Gen was born, quickly sweeping to other cars - the only change being made was a few thicker lines.

Adam told Kabort about his inspiration:

"The circle idea came about from looking to inspiration from real life race cars. The 'Circles' design idea is heavily influenced by the BMW M1 Procar 'BASF' design that was ran in the late 70's early 80's. I wanted to try and build a design that was both unique for KABORT to stand out on the grid (If the highlighter colour scheme didn't do that enough already) and something that could be quickly and easily applied to lots of cars."

He went on to say:

" The appearance of the car is often just as important as where that car finishes in a race. If a car is noticeable and stands out from the crowd it is a well designed car. For example any car that you see on track that is bright red you mind thinks Ferrari or if its dark green you think Aston Martin. I wanted to create something similar that people can either link straight away to KABORT or catches someone attention so that if they do not know the team they will be drawn to our car due to its appearence

20 March 2021

It grew on the other Kabortians very quickly and by the time of the Bathurst 12 Hours the following weekend, Kabort had some sparkly new liveries ready to hit the we got them to Bathurst on time will always remain a mystery.

There'd be 5 cars running at Bathurst - 4 of whom wearing the Circle-K livery - the Lambo of Truswell, Keen and Thurtell not due to Truswell not "feeling" the circles. They'd run the very bright livery made by DeNise Designs back in January..less than two months later and Truswell would be converted - running a Purple Circle Ferrari GTE at the Sebring 12 Hours.

Prior to this (Sebring), Truswell noticed that the "K" had spread to a lot of cars...and decided to drive a little AI Race at Spa...

Come March 2021, Truswell would be infected by the Circular Bug and fall in love with these - him (and Will and Sam) using a Purple one at Sebring.


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