ABARTH - Time Flies By And So Do The Miles...

One question: Where the actual HooHarr has time gone - it's just vanished - poof it's gone.

Last time I did an ABARTH I was up in Yukon, Alaska. Checking back in now, with the UniBlog complete - and checking off yet another thing on my list I'm in the States already I'm honestly so baffled.

Since leaving Yukon, I've honestly ticked off so many beautiful landmarks and checkpoints that I've wanted to see for - what seems like my whole life.

First up was "Notre Dame Island" (Île Notre-Dame) - the artificial Island where the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix takes place every year at the Circuit De Gilles Villnerve - a tiny, technical track with no margin for error - and a massive favourite among drivers including myself.

Just like Monaco, for half - maybe even three-quarters of the year, it's just a picturesque island in the heart of Montreal used for canoeing, walking and other facilities.

This picture shows the "back-straight" (not start/finish). If the camera would face the other way, there would be a bridge above, followed by a chicane which would lead onto the final hairpin where Robert Kubica famously crashed in 2007.


Onward with the road-trip, we crossed the Canadian/US border in spectacular style by paying a visit to the Niagra and Horseshoe falls (Canadian Falls)

After what felt like hours gazing at moving water, I hit the road once more and headed to New York, which wasn't far away.

Times Square is spectacular - no matter the time of year and with the amount of traffic in central Manhattan, we didn't have to pull over to get some good shots - we could do it whilst in the traffic jam!

Next up on the Road-Trip was a stop-off at Washington D.C (Not to be confused with the State Of Washington) - this Washington being in Maryland and gives me sort of "London-y" vibes - huge attractions like the President Lincoln statue, the Pentagon, the Capitol Building (shown) and The White House (residence of the President)

After a couple hour stop here, I'd head off once again...the long journey West begun.....


As I haven't attended to ABARTH in a short while - I've just realised that not only have I arrived at Sacremento, I had also boarded the flight to Hawaii and just have a couple of hours left of my flight....


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