A Wild & Wacky Week 13! Day 4: Barcelona - The Virus Stops Play

Updated: Apr 28

Today was a little bit of a disaster... Following the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, cases have been spiralling out of control. Barcelona/Catalonia is one of the virus hot-spots in Spain - 37 people unfortunately infected in the area thus far. Due to the severity of the situation, and the fact that the number of cases is growing rapidly every day, I decided that for my own safety, I would not attend the Barcelona round, but instead head to Day 5's race at Tsbukuba - one of Japan's lesser dangerous spots. It was a massive shame, as I was really looking forward to racing at the circuit, because it's a blast of a track - but I also enjoyed the time of with friends - time I wouldn't of spent with them otherwise. As this virus grows it will cause more disruption to events - both vitual (or maybe I'm just taking this too seriously/realistically) and real life. I wish you all the best of health - listen to medical advice - and keep washing your hands. See you next round at Tsbukuba