A Wild & Wacky Week 13! Day 2: Lime Rock Park

I always had a soft spot for Lime Rock Park - its a small, cute, fun little circuit where anything can happen - and I was bliddy excited because there's always an exciting race there...but this time it was too exciting... Qualifying went decently - a 9th place. The lights went out and (bar a few) the pack survived 3/4 of a lap and not a lick of paint was traded. Until the bridge. P4 braked a little bit too late, locked up his tires and understeered onto the grass. Despite his best efforts...there was nothing he could do but watch the tyre barrier loom ever closer. He glanced the barrier on the outside, before crabbing onto the track and then over-correcting. P5 & P6 had barely him...but throughout his ordeal he lost a significant amount of speed - now in the middle of the track at 24mph P9 dives to the left, hitting the wall on the outside armco....the driver behind blissfully unaware of the car in the middle of the track - a 30mph different between them. P10 slams into the back of the stranded car - being right behind P10, I dart right...but too late. The impact skewed P10 in my path...I hit him. he rolls once, the rollcage doing its job. I somehow survive the accident with minimal damage. I cross the line to start lap 2 in 13th. Thank goodness the Porsche engine is in the rear. One driver finished behind me only due to damage. This is racing, these things happen - and all you can do is learn from what happend - learn where you went wrong - brush the dust off and try again next time. Already with an iRating of 698....I can only hope that Nurburgring doesn't push me sub-500... (No picture because I didn't save the replay :/