A Wild & Wacky Week 13! Day 1: Charlotte Motor Speedway

Updated: May 10, 2020

Every 13 weeks, at the end of the season, iRacing holds what's known as "Week 13" - which is a fun week where all (but a few) official sessions are dropped and iRacers new and old alike can relax and mess around for a week. In the unofficial series (those only present for week 13), iRating is turned off and no championship points are counted - this gives the chance for the developers to implement the new season (Season 2, 2020) without disrupting anybody - and should anything go wrong with the switch over and/or any bugs are found, these are easily rectified with no drivers losing any points or ratings.

Every day there is a new track to race on as opposed to a weekly swap-over. As with last season's week 13, I did the Porsche iRacing Cup - and, just like last season, it started at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

After taking an 11 Week hiatus from iRacing, (The Bathurst 12 Hours being the last time I raced), I fell out of the rhythm of driving the Porsche - and it took some serious lockups, spins, bumps and bruises to get my head back into gear. I qualified 26th - which, for Week 13, doesn't matter, as everyone will be firing off left, right and centre....I just didn't think it'd be me.

I'm so far back that I am next to the apex of the exit of the last corner chicane (bit of a mouthful).

The red lights go out and I get a half decent start... others in front of me are a little slower off the line, I try and take as much of the inside of the corner as I can....a blue sausage kerb greets me, and I spin out...very embarrasing. I do a 300 point turn, and get back going....

Barely two laps later, after somehow keeping it on the track...I was punted from behind...(the driver said he suffered lag issues) but with my FPS suffering as it was - I really didn't have the motivation to finish the race. But I came further than I did last time I tried - So there's positivity there...

Onto Lime Rock I guess....

Careful! If we stay too long they might start to charge us a parking fee!

Despite this little sh*tshow, I'm pumped for Lime Rock Park - just because it's a really fast - but dangerous - circuit...and being so small chaos is inevitable!

Last season's race was hilarious!