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A Week Down South

Hello! Welcome to the blog!

It's been a little while since I blogged (these past two weeks coming out in quick succession) - apologies for the rather brief blog from the 15th - 18th, nothing all too interesting happened - just studying, working, editing (assignment) and picking up two parcels - a pen (since my mint-green one I currently using is on its way out) and my first Forza Horizon order.


As filming ended for Holby City ended in December, I offered to take Evie (mate of mine) down to London to the Elstree Studios where Holby City is filmed. We agreed to meet on the 19th and then stay overnight to go to London on the 20th.

(17th: (evening) I arrive in Harlow 18th: (evening ) I take Evie to Harlow - both my fuel needle and digital display both being in-accurate, and being pretty low, had quite the worrying experience.

19th: Evie stays overnight, Going to /BBC Estree Studies, I drop Evie home in Evening. Adele's 30 is also released.

20th: Evie has work and can't stay another night.

Unfortunately we'd arrive there a little later (3pm), meaning all the main actors had likely already wrapped up filming and had likely already gone home, leaving (likely) just producers, directors, writers and other BTS crew, extras, guests and even journalists.

Had we had a chance of seeing a famous face, It's likely we would have needed two things -

1) Time/Patience - probably waiting all day to just see a black Audi A4 pulling in through the gates (celebrities don't walk, this in a known fact)

2) Intelligence - I told Evie and my other friend that I would be down on the weekend of the 19th to do this trip - whilst Evie found out that they don't do filming on the weekend, an EXACT filming schedule/timetable of shows would not have been a bad shout - two hours or so before Holby starts fivlming, it's likely we would have got a hit, but waiting about 10 minutes before going Tesco before going back to drop Evie off back home before returning to Harlow.

Whilst out, it was Children In Need on the BBC - Tom Grennan apparently also getting involved too.


On Saturday 20th November, I watched the Christmas lights switch on in Harlow - which coincidentally was the same day as the ones in Wolverhampton. Three days later, on the 23rd November, a week until December (the date of writing this blog).

This consisted of a train ride around the outside of ASDA and the town centre before a few songs (one by the HOLC - Harlow's Old Ladies Choir and one by a deaf choir).

A woman dressed as Elsa and a man dressed as Kristoff (Frozen) also did a sing along from Frozen, Aladdin and The Greatest Showman (obviously having costume changes) before turning the lights themselves on.


As I had been in Harlow a short while, I felt comfortable enough to do a VRS Endurance race - the second VRS Endurance Race since being at Uni - the first being at Nurburgring GP and ending in a DNF.

This time at Bathurst, this too ended in a retirement - in fact only 2nd place finished on the lead lap, and 7th finished TWO laps down. 35 of the 59 who started either were disqualified or disconnected.

We were killed by a car moving whilst there were incoming cars...annoying really, but it is what it is. Always next race!


On Monday, I was supposed to go to University for another week of Lectures - but as if by chance I took a little longer to pack my bags/uni stuff - and it just so happened that whilst I was still in the house, I was messaged that a friend's girlfriend/fiancee was giving birth. I had only met this "friend" once (under odd circumstances), but I rushed upstairs and we took him to the Hospital, and with no lecture that evening, I drove him back to his house.

As if the stars aligned, my lecturer was having broadband/network/internet problems and postponed/cancelled the lecture until the next week.


On Tuesday I got confused and thought that it was Wednesday and I didn't have to go in (and continue on with my assignment), that evening I found out that my lecturer does not expect me in on Wednesday, so that's a bonus and I might even pump out a GT3 Challenge race tomorrow!


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