A Virtual Road-Trip Around The World: As One Story Ends, Another Begins...

Good Morning. The time has finally come. The final hour. The final hour of a trip which has taken me through Africa, Europe, The Middle East and through the heart of Russia - it's been a wild ride and behind the scenes it's been even more of a blast!

21st November, 11:02am
1st November, 11:02am

The journey was supposed to be a few hours longer - however, locals informed me that there was two airfields - one of which took incoming flights, the other took international departures and arrivals.

I booked the flight for 5pm, but since there are only a couple of flights a day, they were able to transfer me onto the 12:30 one.

This trip has been truly insane and I honestly cannot believe what I've experienced - from the scorching heat of the Sahara desert, to feeling insignificant in Russia and Mid-Africa's rainforests.

Skirting around the outside of the mediterranean sea in the Middle East was petrifying and something I wish not to do again.

Europe has a big place in my heart as it's home to me - so it was very nice to see all the places I recognised before going into the rural Slavic region.

Goodbye Russia - Hello Japan!!

What's The Plan?

I can officially announce my plan now, and, I'm pleased do announce that the Road-Trip will resume....In 2 days.

After a 1 day (and 6 hour) flight from Terneysky District (Terney, Russia) to Sapporo in Japan, I'll be taking off again and heading to....


Specifically, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the most Northernly airport accessible by car in the whole of America. A 21 Hour Flight.

Doing this would mean I would have traveled to 5 of the 7 world's continents - only missing out on South America and Antarctica.

From there (after a couple day Jet-Lag-Reset) we'd trek down America - stopping by at some of my most favourite destinations.

Currently there's 600 hours until 19th December - 600 hours of hard, non-stop focussed work, only bothering to bring up or mention the Road-Trip when I'm so bored that I have to fall back on it - like I did when we jumped from Egypt to Spain, to Portugal to Russia - this is just an ABP (Anti-Boredom Plan).

The plan for America is to spend 336 hours (14 Days) on the road, and 10 on off-shore Islands (Bahamas and Hawaii) - Without any further rambling - let's have a dive into the route

From the airport, we're going to shuttle down Canada, passing by a Couple Of Kabort Canadians, before heading to the Canadian Grand Prix Street Track Circuit De Gilles Villnerve (scoring a podium here on iRacing) - before heading to the White House (I admit, I thought it was in Washington State SMFH).

After this, it's a short trip to West Virginia - for the meme - before heading across the other side of the country to California - my favourite state - to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Russian Hill.

This will be proceeded by a 5 Day holiday in Hawaii - before hitting the road once again to see the Extra-Terrestrial Highway and then Pikes Peak. After a stop-over in Chihuahua, Mexico, it's all the way down to the Darien Gap.

Whatever goes up must come down - and there was no time for a holiday in Jamaica this time...so it was straight back up the road we came re-entering the USA.

During a trip to Florida's (and America's) most southerly point - I'll take a well-earned rest on the Bahamas before shooting back over to Daytona for race day!

Right! I'm hungry...and the stewardess is approaching me with food!


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