A Virtual Road Trip Around The World: An Unexpectedly Exciting Day

Since updating you all on Tuesday, a lot has happened.

But first, a little rewind - Over the past couple of days, I've been to sooo many cool locations!

Starting off with Kylami in South Africa, before making my way up the continent...I was thinking about visiting a town called "Kabort" in Kenya (real place!) - but it was a little bit of of reach off my route.

These past couple of days have seen me enter Europe (woop woop!) entering South Turkey before cutting it in half.

A massive highlight of my trip was hounding my car around Istanbul Park for a couple of laps following FP2.

From about Egypt to about Turkey or so I've been following the coastline of the mediterranean sea, (re-joining it - or the Balearic Sea - on the West side of Italy's boot) and as I sit here in my hotel in Spain I can hear it gently lap next to me. Give it a day or so and I'll be beside the North Atlantic, before heading East into Russia and closer and closer to the Sea of Japan.

Continuing on my travels, I had a quick nosey-around of Monza whilst passing by, before greeting the Mediterranean - then doing a lap of the Monaco F1 Street Circuit.

Great...I've got in, now to get out!