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A Virtual Road-Trip Around The World

Hello and welcome, I'm not sure what this will entail, or turn into - but it's an experiment of something - and if it works, I'll continue it, and if it flops, then I'll can it (stop it)

So. What Is This?

On Thursday, I announced that I was very, very bored - and made a road-trip on Google Maps taking 500 hours, before buggering off elsewhere like Canada or whatever - point being that this road-trip ended on 15th December - which is when I plan to do the surprise - so it's basically a massive lead up to a surprise I've been wanting to do for a month or so.

As time goes on, I'm only wanting to do this thing more and more so I just thought it'd be a way to keep me sane between lectures and writing my assignments.

What Are You Doing?

I'm going to be taking a pre-selected vehicle on Google Maps and be showing you of my progress on Google Maps Street View. This may not be daily or weekly - but any time I remember I'll try and post an update.

This is all virtual so a little bit of creativity and imagination is needed.

A reminder of the route

Announcing The Car I'll Be Taking....

Starting off life in 2007 as just your everyday run-of-the-mill Toyota Land Cruiser - I bought this baby in February of this year, and had it exported to Iceland.

Over the next 7 months (plus a bit of self-isolation) they gave her a normal service, swapped her to replaced bits that needed replacing, raised her up, gave her new bodykit, suspension and wheels, tuned the living fk out of the engine, and made sure she was 100% ready for the ride of her lifetime. This gave a 13 year old car new life - a new purpose - no longer would she just be another school-run-mobile - she'd be my pride and joy for the next 3 or so months - and hopefully much longer beyond that too.

As September came to a close - I was informed that she was ready.

I told them (the service in Iceland) to hold her in storage for a couple of days whilst I figured out what I was going to do.

Come October, I had decided, and had her flown to Cape Town International Airport.

With customs, ensuring she was safe to fly and signing all sorts of legal documents it was only until Mid-October that she was allowed on the flight. I informed them I'd be down at the end of the month, so they held the car in storage

In the mean time I was thinking of a witty number-plate. I wasn't going to be splashing out on millions, so I wanted to use the default British Number-Plate layout (AA12 BCD) - HE11 YEA was taking by some kid in a Lamborghini - KA80 RRT was taken by the race truck - RO61 NNN - whilst witty, I didn't quite think it would fit, like a 69 plate.

I wanted to go with "PO66 ERS" - Poggers, but obviously some guy in a Jaguar beat me to it. Number-plates are hell.

And then it came to me. I had found a plate that not one of the 38.4 Million licenced cars on British Roads had....(legally)

Big(g) Man.

The car is huge, I love MAN Trucks, and to do this trip you gotta be there you have it.

It'll probably fall off some time but hey.

I agree to meet Jayden, the lad who's been looking after my car the past couple of days, at the "Agulhas National Park" car park which is the most southerly place in South Africa - and indeed the whole African continent.

Go any more south? You're at antartica.

The next piece of land to the east is Australia

and in the other direction (west) is Argentina.

So, Readers. This is where you come in. I've made a google form. it's one question. "What Happens" - you get to decide where this story goes - I've got a plan of where I want it to go, but you're able to intervene and make special events, incidents, accidents, freak weatherstorms anything - it's up to you. I don't want this to be just another reading experience - I want you to get involved.

So, Decide what happens!

I swear my editing will improve - this was a really quick and dirty "slap it in there" - I'll try harder next time

If this gets another part - It'll be called AVRT-ATW Thanks for reading!

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