A Very Merry(ish) Christmas And A Happy(ish) New Year!

Updated: Jan 10

Good afternoon, and as the title says, I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

I know it's late, but my goal for this blog is to leave as little as possible from 2021 to complete in 2022 - In an ideal world, that would just be university work and computer files - but I know there's going to be a little left in the "dust-trails" of the end of this year.

Wednesday 22nd December, 2021 - Advent Day 22: RACEDAY!

This Wednesday was my first Wednesday on the Island - which meant my first iRacing race-day on the island.

It's fair to say, that I had quite a lot of teething problems - and I probably should have been expecting these.

The first session I "joined", I joined at 2:48pm (for a 3:15pm start) - I practiced a bit and took a while to contemplate weather to start this race or not (as I usually jump on straight away at 2:45pm.

In the end, I decided to do the next round to allow me to have more laps getting comfortable to the car....unbeknownst to me (at the time) is that I left too late.

In the beginning (before the 22nd) I thought the entire half an hour session whilst the session is up, but session hasn't begun is purely open practice and doesn't count for anything - but it obviously does in the final two minutes.

As stated by rule 6.1.3. of the official sporting code "Anytime between the opening of registration and 2 minutes prior to the session start time, drivers may withdraw from the race session without Race Points or iRating penalty." - In the two final minutes (without a shadow of a warning) every driver registered for that session is drawn up and placed into a split - usually on iRating - but in rare circumstances like Week 13, it's done by time-joined.

No matter. I quit too late and iRacing gladly took 90 of my finest iRating - myself going from a very comfortable 1245 iRating to a mediocre 1155.

In that time, I had a lunch-break - and in that lunchbreak my dad asked permission to turn off the WiFi to plug it into somewhere new.

Whenever you do anything with the internet, even just blow on it, my computer usually has a melt-down - but strangely, when I came back to my computer, I still had internet access - weird - and it was the same WiFi that I had...interesting.

If the internet hadn't been disabled from whatever my dad did, it must be the new WiFi...right?

Obviously not - as when I jumped into my second attempt, I got until the sim put you into the ACTUAL race session before it said "Hold your horses sonny, you've got no secure WiFi Connection, how about you give this race a miss" and viola, just like that, another 90 iRating cruelly taken from me - let's just take it as a cracked drive-shaft.

SO! I restarted my computer and whilst I noticed there were 2-3 bars as opposed to 1, It still wasn't ringing from ear to ear saying "You can land an airbus using this WiFi!" (Blame Kevin Bacon).

No matter, I still joined a race and attempted to end the year on a high....

Turns out the only thing I'd be getting "high" on is frustration and bottom-split races.

After this last incident and now at an iRating of 982 (sub-1K for the first time since 31st January, 2021) I gave up on all things Zandvoort and promised that if I saw the track one more time, I'd unload Zandvoort Beach onto the circuit. #PettyThings.

Alas. Week 2 had gone far from planned and with Week 3 the final week of 2021 - I seriously needed a miracle.

By the end of my three attempts (3pm, 5pm, 7pm) it was about 8pm or so, and after dinner, I'd spend more time on my computer before heading to bed.

The next race following this would be on the 29th.

I was interested in doing the touring car series on this day, but sadly they were at Knockhill - exactly where the GT3 challenge was the previous week - so I gave this a miss.

Thursday, 23rd December, 2021 - Advent Day 23: Geeky Stuff.

I honestly don't know where the time has gone and how quickly it's flown by - but looking at my search history and realising I devoted a lot of time to different things (writing blogs, Kabort's Year In Pictures, making a map of where Kabort drivers are from) - with the additional planning of a 2022 End Of Year Meet-Up, it's now clearer where the time's gone.

As for the 23rd? Aside from the usual Blogging, Year In Pictures (album), a map of where KBM drivers were from, I also managed to update the Kabort website (www.kabortmotorsport.com) to reflect our new "circle-k" liveries Friday, 24th December 2021 - Advent Day 24: ADVENT!

After having a bit of a lie in, I was awoken by the surprise of Felix (my brother) poking his head past the door - I hadn't seen him in quite a long time, so it was certainly nice to see him - but it did massively scare me as I only just realised how little time I had to wrap my presents for the family.

As soon as he left the room I leapt to my feet and quickly wrapped my presents for them.

After this, I continued to work hard on the things I had been doing. (sorry, memory gets a bit fuzzy here!)

Saturday, 25th December, 2021 - CHRISTMAS DAY!

For the first time in 6 or 7 years, Christmas fell on a Saturday - which meant one thing - for a number of people on iRacing, Christmas would be spent not with family, but with those closest to them - their team-mates.

In Week 1 of the previous season, (2021, Season 4):

44 teams entered LMP1's, 276 entered LMP2's and 238 entered in GTE's... Christmas this year? 33 entered LMP1's, 149 entered LMP2's and

148 entered GTE's...Lower, but still interesting how many spend Christmas day on the sim.


I've been noticing over the last couple of years that Christmas has undoubtly changed - The Pandemic perfectly coincided with me "growing up a little", asking for less, receiving less and Christmas obviously being a little less of a massive affair, which I guess I'm okay with - because I've never asked for an Xbox, Playstation or Dog for Christmas.

This year was another quiet affair, with just the four of us (mum, dad, Felix and I) and a small tree (moving house and dealing with a real tree would be just too much!)

For Christmas, I got a BANNERS T-Shirt, a Tom Grennan T-Shirt with the lyrics to "I might" on it. This is one of my favourite songs of his - and it appears he's only done two versions - a "Live Version" in 2017, and an "Audio" version for his Lightning Matches album in 2018.

In addition to this, I also got a fiddley octagon, a plush Rhino I asked for and a model of Fangio's car inspired by Jim Bamber - a cartoon artist who always used to a little cartoon in Autosport before he passed.

^ Only 600 were made!

I also got a stick of deodorant and shower gel from a friend's mum.

I gave Felix a little plush rainbow bird, my mum a 2022 Coastline Calendar and the family a "Guess How Much I love you" 2022 Calendar.

We tried a few board-games, but my rather low intellect (in both maths and English) meant that these games "could have been more enjoyable"

In the virtual world, a new Demo of the Titanic simulator "Titanic: Honor And Glory" was released - and whilst spectacular to look at - and jealousy I couldn't have seen it for real - my 5+ year old computer was really struggling with the modern graphics of today - hopefully T:HG is alone in this department and I won't have to upgrade for the moment.

VRS Endurance was also at Zandvoort on this weekend, but my answer was a very definite NO.