A Tough Two Weeks

Hello! Welcome back! It's been a short while, but I'm back.

It's been a crazy and hectic month, but I've been slowly but surely powering on through.

I mentioned in my previous blog about "Being on the final lap" - and after giving it more thought, I'd say that "The Final Lap" began on the 1st April - as whilst things were getting chaotic, they were still manageable - it was like being on the GP Circuit of the Nurburgring Nordschliefe - just an easy, Sunday drive.


Between the 21st and 28th March, things were relatively "normal" - the chaos only really starting on the 1st April (going down to Essex, and then having the two-week half-term the following week)

Following half-term, I was told I'd have one week of "official" lectures, before (unofficially) finishing for the summer.

On the 22nd April, 2022 (last Friday of half-term), there was less than 1000 hours until I finished for the year - if I were to do non-stop laps of the Nordschliefe until I finished uni, I'd have to do about 270,603 laps to reach the end!

The 25th April saw my last in-person News-Writing lecture, although there was no lecture to be had/taught - this was very much a catch-up session.

Likewise, The Photojournalism Lecture on the 26th April was an (optional) online tutorial session.

Public Affairs went on as standard (unfortunately I forgot about this), but the lecture notes were put online.

In my last "official" news day - I was able to secure an interview which was MEANT to go into a radio piece...but then life happened

Friday, 29th April, 2022

On the 29th April, I was contacted by a friend who said she needed a friend/some support/someone to be there for her as she was feeling a bit lonely/low, so, the following day, I drove town to her place and chilled with her.

30th April, 2022

On Saturday afternoon, we went to a relative of my friend's and walked from the car-park to about 3/4 of the way along the Southern bank of Virginia Water Lake before turning back and walking back to the car. With three dogs and four children with us (supervised by four adults and myself) the pace was steady - and as it was already reaching 5pm, doing an entire lap would have been unwise.

On the way back to the car, I bought myself an Ice-Cream and the others paid for theirs.

It was a very nice day with only one "minor" scare (canine related) - and the best part is, that my boot remains dry to this day!

On Sunday (whilst waiting to hear back from a place I contacted via email), we (me, my friend, a college friend and one other) went to London for the day to visit Madam Tussauds

Despite it being packed and requiring an hour just to take a picture of one wax figure, it was (on the whole) a lovely day out - and certainly the first time I had been to London since...2019?

I'm usually pretty nonchalant about life - not showing tooo much emotion (except for...motorsport) - but there was one figure which put a lump in my throat...

I don't know what it was about the figure - it just made me uncomfortable - "unnerved" - everyone's seen pictures of Amy, everyone's heard her IMPECCABLE voice, but to see a representation of her in person was emotional.

I don't know if it was because I was "star-struck" to be in her presence, shocked at how petite she was, or it was because I knew what the figure represented - her life, her legacy and ultimately her death too.

It's interesting - Mohammed Ali, Prince Philip, Freddie Murcury, David Bowie, Bob Marley and Amy were all there - modelled/painted during their life-times and now the models stand and their real counterparts don't.

After a pretty good, but busy day, we were all ready head back home in the train - unfortunately this day was marred by some serious news - a personal emergency was unfolding and something needed to be addressed.

After getting back to Essex, we'd address the situation, which meant staying over in Essex on Monday - eventually however, the personal situation was improved, (yet not resolved) and those involved are in safe hands.

That day was supposed to be a filming day, yet I never heard back from the company I wanted to film and I was pre-occupied with something else.


In motorsport, the first weekend of May was a biggy - The GT Challenge and GT Cup were both at Brands Hatch - unfortunately, I missed this - but I hadn't purchased any tickets anyway (usually the biggest factor in not going to motorsport events - not getting the tickets, and the race-day springing up on me)

On Monday afternoon, I was talked into staying the night so I could help out with a skip - instead I just spent a day with them...no skip done.

It sucked as there was a group project due in on that day, but I'll manage.

I will say that I found my new favourite shop, and certainly my new money pit if I ever stop iRacing (won't for the moment!)

Wednesday 4th May, 2022

On Wednesday morning, I'd drive back to Wolverhampton.

As I had no content (to edit), I instead used this day to just mentally recover (from the chaos of Essex, to the assignments firing at me. It was also Star-Wars day which was cool

Thursday 5th May, 2022

I eventually realised that I would be achieving nothing by sitting around at my accomodation, so I went in on the second of three catch-up days and managed to upload a short

- on this day, I managed to upload a "short" a further missing piece to my fastly-approaching assignment.

Now all that's left to do is: A radio piece, TV Piece and an online article (or two) - so plenty to keep me busy, the online article being next on my to-do list.

In addition to this, I have assignments firing at me from all angles:

11th May - Work Placement Starts

13th May - Photojournalism Portfolio (First Assignment 2 Due)

14th May - Brand Hatch W/ Work-Placement

16th May - Public Affairs Assignment 2 & Writing Features Group Work

18th May - Multimedia News Production assignment

following that, It's a very short breather for air before....FUCK I've fucked up. Oh Dear.

There are two dates on the assignments. "available until" and "due date" - Available until I assume means you can submit work in (on the website) until the date - the due date being when it NEEDS to be in.

Well, me being me mixed these dates up and now I have impending torture.

What that does mean, however is that my last assignment is due in on the 18th May - 10 days from now, which puts me at the first of Nordschliefe's (remaining) jumps

with the exception of Schwalbenschwanz, it's pretty much a flat out, man dash to the finish - which...as fun as it sounds...is just something I've got to deal with an get my ass into gear.

Friday 6th May - Sunday 8th May

My weekend was pretty lazy aside from iRacing analysis and looking into the history/beginnings of iRacing, writing an article for the forums and writing up this blog.

Today marks 248 Hours (and 53 minutes) until I'm finished at University.

If I went around the track at one corner per hour (CPH), I couldn't even do two laps!

Right! I'm off to work hard!


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