A Tough Start To The Year

Heading into the third week of the year, I can safely say that 2021's been "rough" so far.

No, Australia's wildfires haven't been as insane as last year, America hasn't declared war on anyone yet and to my knowledge we haven't lost a world-famous celebrity yet - but I think it's been more of a mental struggle - being slapped straight into a lockdown from Day 4.

This was only the start of the tough luck as I'd continue to battle through a massive four-part assignment - doubting weather I'd written too much (or too little) and if it was good enough. I'd spend days on end in my bedroom constantly tweaking it - adding words, removing words, adding meaning and removing meaning.

This work would be due for the 11th (Jan) and after spooking myself about the word count and length of the Specialised Feature, that date came only all too quickly and I'd have to submit an unfinished piece of work - much to my own disappointment and dismay - only finishing one assignment since December 7th, 2020 I've been genuinely proud of and even then I'd miss out a large portion of referencing it correctly.

Am I being harsh/tough on myself? I don't know. I've seen myself complete ample of assignments and pieces of work for my whole school life (primary, secondary, college) and eventually submitted them - so I don't know why I'm still struggling this late on.

The last assignment for a while is due on the 15th January and is the second Key Concepts Of Journalism assignment.


Post-Uni 2020 Recap

I haven't exactly had the best start to the racing year either. Having left my iRating above 1K prior to leaving Uni, it'd stay there (or in the region of 1K) until mid-December, less than a week into Week 1, Season 1, 2021 before plummeting

This was caused by - firstly attempting to race a "Sprint" GT Race (with a pit-stop) which went well - followed by my PC freezing after qualifying, forcing me to quit/close the sim and have another try.

By the second attempt of my Nurburgring F3 Attempt, I was down to an iRating of just 806.

This would be followed by my first endurance race since Uni - EES (Endurance Racing Series) with Joost at Imola - racking up 87 (of 60 before a penalty) incident points - myself earning 47 of these. It'd be a P15 in class, which wasn't bad.


I'd have a pair of pitiful hosted races on 2nd & 5th January before making my Official Racing debut of 2021.

(2nd Jan - 2nd to last car still running in a GT3 race at Oulton Park testing out coding for a safety car, which was then never bought out)

(5th Jan - MOFO, Trinity Championship in a RUF 12RT Track at Suzuka - stuffed both the first race, and reverse grid race) I'd retire from both due to damage, being behind and being off-pace

My "Official" racing debut of 2021 came on the 9th January when I'd (stupidly) raced two (EES) races in one weekend - with an assignment hanging over my head - I didn't quite know what I was thinking - probably that I could multi-task and work and race...

Oddly, we'd race as a three - Joost and I rejoining one another after the adventures of Imola, but this time being joined by the German Daniel Weber.

We'd finish in 11th in class - us previously being in the top ten in class when Weber pitted. We'd each get 9 iRating though, so that was a positive.

Though the second race would end in a retirement (due to my incapability to drive a GTE car - losing it on a kerb and then crashing spectacularly out) I got to rub-shoulders with a few very cool people!

First and foremost, was our own team-mates in the LMP2, Kabort E1 finished 7th overall, closely followed by Joe Bradley and Nick Daman making an RSL (Radio Show Limited) MOFO Team.

Also in this split was AMG (Awesome Motorsport Group), though Florian was nowhere to be seen and our good friends Eleven9 - run by Nicholas Boccanfuso and Davide - a new(ish?) Italian on the team - I had a good little battle with them corners before stacking the car on my own.

Hope On The Horizon

This week hasn't all been bad however. In the most recent race I've done (11th Jan) I managed to finish 5th from 14th - a new highest finish in the Formula 3 car for me which was a pleasant surprise after a hugely enjoyable race at Donington.

Barcelona/Catalunya is up next and whilst it's not a personal "favourite", it's still high on the list of tracks that I enjoy and might see me breach the 1K iRating barrier before my 2nd Birthday on iRacing on the 14th January (Thursday).

Aside from F3 and my 2nd Birthday on iRacing, there's not too much coming up this week - next week though is my Birthday and the first Special Event of the season: The Daytona 24 Hours. With at least four entries in every class (LMP2, GTE and GT3) Kabort are in high hopes.

Truswell seeing if the Uni's F3 car is faster than his own...


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