A Tough Day Out On Track...

Saturday was a tough old day for me.

I started off by waking up at 11am - 1pm - about a couple hours or so before the race, had breakfast and then plopped myself down on the rig - I jokingly thought " let's sneak in a week 13 race! (obviously I didn't)

Eventually though, the clock ticked down, and the session opened.

I admit, I was dumb and forgot it was sponsored by Maconi Setup Shop - so couldn't find it for the first few minutes.

A few minutes later, Will's fiance Discord called to get Will into the car/session (as Will was at work).

I got her to as far as where one registers the car they will be driving for the race - the very final step before making it into the session.

Unfortunately, in a slight bit of miscommunication and misunderstanding we (mostly me) managed to register a new team/car that neither me, nor my other team mate Matty were in.

Me personally, I think it was a joint effort - I was in a little bit of a rush as the 30 minute practice session was underway and I just wanted to focus on the session, due to this, I could have been a bit more clear and perhaps said as an example "type in the password and don't click or touch anything....next you MUST XYZ"

The other party just followed instructions, and between us, it was a miscommunication and the wrong thing was clicked.

I'm very "pure" - I don't like confrontation, suffering or pain - and no matter who's fault the final "incident" was - I wanted to ensure that I made clear that Will's SO did very little wrong - and I was 95% the cause of what happened - yes I'd get "brutally murdered" but as long as no-one else was getting this "pounding" - then everything would be ok.

Maybe I was 95% at fault, maybe I shouldn't have been in charge, maybe I am shite at giving instructions, maybe I was stressed and truly deserved the consequences - the past is in the past, and despite feeling a little shite about myself after, it was a £5 entry fee for a charity 24hr endurance race, which didn't affect Safety Rating or iRating - and even though I was the one who "bailed" par se, if nothing could be solved, I didn't want to do a 24hr race with only Matty who'd only just joined the sim a few weeks prior.

What's happened has happened and as guilty as I may be, I can't change that and it f*ing hurts me too - I would have loved to do a 24 hour race - especially with the amount I am at Uni and get the very rare opportunity to do these - it truthfully does sting - and I feel for my two team-mates who put so much fugging practice in - only for this result.

If there's any positives from this at all - It's the fact I've now got Sunday free...and that's about it. As I said, can't change the past, but you can certainly write the future.

Next weekend is the Daytona 12 Hours, and with a split up between myself and Will - I've had to choose another option. Kabort now have four entries

Kabort K5 - HPD (Old LMP2)

Tijmen Berends (NTL)

Mateusz Drozda (GBR)

Tommy De Wilde (NTL)

Botrak Simsport - HPD (Old LMP2)

Tim Perry (GBR)

Jonathan Keen (GBR)

Peer Brennscheidt (GER)

Kabort K2

Daniel Weber (GER)

"Just Roll With It Racing"

Adam J. Pearce

Chris Skilton

Robin Truswell (?)

but we'll see how that pans out.

following this, I'd jump into a week 13 race which was back at Long Beach and this time, after botching up qualifying, it was going to be a run from the back of the grid and despite making an error here and there - it was generally a good little run.

I'm incredibly lucky that Long Beach is only 5 hours away from Laguna - meaning I'm easily able to shuttle between the Long Beach races (Thursday and Saturday) and the Laguna races (all Saturday)

That evening - after what seemed like a pretty naff day (Week 13 race wasn't too bad), I'd join a session in which they were testing safety cars (and coding them)

I'd qualify pretty much on the back row (27th) and then forget to re-fuel my car for the start of the race, and pit during the first safety-car period putting me dead-last.

Over the next two hours I'd have a hard and well-earned fight to 7th place, however losing two places to mistakes later on in the race.

I truly believe I could have snagged a top 10 (possibly) however I was in charge of setting how much fuel I wanted for the next pit-stop....and Laguna really doesn't have too many straights where you can sort this all by yourself......whilst driving..... But a P11 is a P11 and I'll absolutely take that any day of the week!

This weekend (12th - 13th Dec) was also the Winter Nurburgring 24 Hours we didn't attend.

Next round of the Tin Top Tussle (Week 13 Series) is at Brazil - and with no 24 Hour race to worry about let's do it!


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