A Short November Re-Cap

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Hello, Hello, Hello!

It's been a short while since I did my last PROPER blog, but here I am, in my nice, heated accommodation kitchen, with a Pizza to eat and time to kill!

Let's first of all back-track slightly to before all this chaos started falling apart, back to the beginning of November - when I still sort of had a handle of things!

(As it's been a little while, I've decided to do a short recap first, and then do the current blog separately, so those who are already up to date can skip this blog and go straight onto my "latest update"

8th November: Max Fosh Stand-Up Comedy Event (Very Good)

9th November: First assignment due (could have gone better

10th November: After a failed virtual meeting (he was expecting a finished piece of work), I hurried into campus and had my second news day.

My first was recording my voice over pictures provided by the lecturer, this one was filming a piece to camera.

(Blog: https://www.kabortmotorsport.com/post/the-most-frantic-fortnight-of-my-life-and-it-s-still-not-done )

11th November: Stayed silent throughout pretty much the whole day. Collected media equipment for a weekend of filming.

12th November: Left for Anglesey, Wales at about midday - I wanted to leave Saturday and Sunday for being at the track instead of rushing everything on Saturday Morning - because knowing my Dyspraxia, it'd only go wrong.

13th November - 14th November: Attended race of Remembrance and filmed quite a lot of content (some of it half-decent!) - they also had a remembrance service starting at about 10:45am on Sunday.

Other than waking up with a bit of a stomach-ache (on Saturday) and later missing the finish on Sunday (as I was eating after a long walk due to part of the circuit being closed), it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend - and my first motorsport event since Castle Combe with UWRacing in April or so(my second event of the year after Silverstone F3 Cup).

After the race, my dad and I talked about my plan for Christmas and then went our own ways. I attempted to find fuel in rather rural North Wales - whilst my dad eventually headed off to the Isle Of Wight.

The following week, I quickly returned my camera equipment and uni pretty much returned to normal.

Monday (15/11/2021) - Representation Of Sexuality, Race And Gender

Blaxploitation and Racism in Hollywood (featuring a discussion about the slave trade)

(1 month until finished for the year)

Tuesday (16/11/2021) - Media, Law And Ethics

Broadcast Regulation (OFCOM VS BBC's own regulations)

Wednesday (17/11/2021) - Multimedia News Production

Voice training - despite arriving late, I informed my lecturer and I had it at midday and apparently I have a great voice for radio, I just need to "push" my voice a bit more and be more enthusiastic.

As filming for Holby City ended in December, Evie asked if we could meet up and for us to go to the Elstree Studios where it was fillmed.

On the evening of the 17th November I headed down to Essex - little did I know at the time, but I'd spend the next two weeks there!!

( Blog: https://www.kabortmotorsport.com/post/a-memorable-weekend )

*Apologies the dates in the linked blog are wrong, the ones in this blog (below) are correct

17th November: Arrive In Harlow

18th November: Take Evie To Harlow/Essex

19th November: (Adele's 30 Released) Evie stays overnight.

We arrived at 3pm and I was a little stumped at what to do. There was a small group of us including a baby and whilst standing outside the Elstree Studios WAS possible, without any chairs (and arriving there late, 3pm) - there was no guarentee that we'd see any actors - and if we did, they'd likely be in cars/taxis take a rear entrance or even have blacked out windows.

It was a nice idea, I just am not one of these patient people that can wait outside all day for an actor or two.

Later that evening, I'd drop Evie back off home as she had work the following day.

20th - 21st November

Just like the previous weekend, this too was quite the chaotic weekend.

After busying myself during the day, that evening was the Harlow Christmas Lights Switch-On - whilst hesitant in the beginning (I'm a "work until the final day" kind of guy) I admit, it was quite the nice evening out, even if the entertainment was slightly below my age demographic.

The evening also saw us ride a tram/train around Harlow Town Centre and an up-close and personal look at a fire-engine. My personal highlight was probably the actual switching on of the lights.

21st November

Onward with the weekend's activities, next up was my first official iRace in about a month.

Before that, I only did two races since August - the first was a GT3 Challenge race which I was shitting myself about my PC Overheating, the latter being mine and Tom's (Wallace) first endurance race together (his enduro debut) which was at the Nurburgring GP circuit and unfortunately ended in a DNF after someone punted him up the rear and caused quite a lot of damage (being a 3hr enduro race, we weren't going to recover from it!)

The race on the 21st November was quite literally (excuse my French) bat-shit crazy. After Tom bottled qualifying, we started from the back and everyone proceeded to take themselves out

By the 5th lap we were in the top 20 - but sadly, less than 10 laps on from here, we were killed ourselves by a car who pulled out in front of us at Skyline - currently Tom and I have a 0% finish rate...which is a record in itself, dare I say!

Had we not been taken out, it looked like quite the lucky race - in fact only 2nd place finished on the lead lap, and 7th finished TWO laps down. 35 of the 59 who started either were disqualified or disconnected.

The week following this was most bizarre - each day of the week, a mis-hap happened that allowed for me to stay an extra night in Harlow/Essex.

Prompting this, was me noticing that Kiara's right main-beam (headlight) had blown/stopped working - this initially prevented me from going anywhere - not only due to poor visibility, but also because if I was to be stopped by the Police on the motorway, I'd be in quite some trouble!

(During Sunday, I also spied an Aston Martin DB11 model car at Tesco, so the following week also saw a little hunt if I could find it again - unfortunately I bought the less "rare" of the two cars - a Pagani Huayra - which lasted a day or two before being sold out, whilst the DB11 was gone the next time I looked (on Monday)

Monday 22nd November: My lecturer suffered Network/Broadband Problems (and I fixed my broken/blown bulb)

Tuesday 23rd November: Upon packing to leave (I was looking to be late anyway, given the time), I got a message from my friend's friend that a different friend (of my friends') partner was in labour, so we rushed out the house and drove him to the hospital.

Wednesday 24th November: As I did my "voice training" the previous week, it was Group 2's turn to do voice training - so I didn't have to go in.

This gave me the idea to do a race. The current week's race was at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport) - the last time I was here I managed a podium in a Skippy.

Luck wasn't with me. Not one bit. In the first race I got rear ended rather heavily by a BMW, sending me into a tank slapper and then the wall, the second saw me have the potential for a podium buuuuuut not the driving skill. I'd fire off quite a number of times at turn two - ending a potential podium into a P5. Certainly a weekend to forget. I haven't done a race since (as of writing this on the 12th December).

After my iRating fell to the low 1200's, The 5th place got me back up to 1245 - I think this year will be trying to finish above the 1300 line

2019: Rookie (IR: N/A) | 2020: <1000 IR, Class A | 2021: ?

The plan is to come back on the 15th of December after all my lectures are done - and fix what I broke at Mosport. but we'll see how everything goes.

(Blog: https://www.kabortmotorsport.com/post/a-week-down-south) Thursday 25th November: On Tom Wallace's 100th Day At Kabort and exactly a month before Christmas day (I KNOW! Time Flies!) we'd head to a relative of my friend, and also go to Tesco with this relative and another friend.

Friday 26th November: Although I was told to hoover that day, we instead did a rather large food shop to re-stock the fridge and cupboards.

Saturday 27th November: Saturday slightly differentiated from previous days in the fact that instead of going on my computer (and probably spending the day setting up/completing a Teardown Mission), I decided to log onto my laptop and wrote a blog and double checked my assignments.

(Blog: https://www.kabortmotorsport.com/post/the-end-of-the-week-down-south)

Sunday 28th November: I sent myself some files (most likely the wrong ones) and headed back on Monday 29th October.

STAT: Since buying Teardown on the 12th September, I've racked up a total of 128.8 Hours - about 5 days (non-stop). The first time I opened up Teardown, I didn't get THE FULL experience - it was on my laptop (small screen, not the highest graphics) and the mouse-pad made movement "awkward".

On the 21st September, I had my first proper stab at Teardown, on my desktop.

Between the 23rd of October and this present day, I've been slowly progressing my way through the game, each mission requiring more and more planning/setup and to collect more and more items.

As of right now, I'm about two missions away from finishing the first "part", before I will be able to go onto the second part, released on the 2nd December, 2021. (Very recently!)


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