A Rather Mediocre Week...

Updated: Feb 20

Good Morning!

I hope you are well.

I am...mostly.

13/02/2022 I returned to Wolverhampton at about 8:45pm.

The plan was to have a McDonalds since all the food in my fridge was out of date, however there were renovation works going on at my go-to Maccies, so I had to hunt for another...which I eventually found.

After McDonalds, I returned to my accommodation and stayed up until Midnight because I had a very special picture to upload.


Midnight. 00:00. I publish this picture.

Yes, I know I'm salty - but I've been single on this day for the past 19 years (on my first valentines day, I was less than a month old, so that doesn't count, and neither does 2021's as I was dating someone...at the time).

It's just hard to see everyone so happy and getting flowers, chocolate and love and I'm just sat at home munching on a Mini White Choc' Rocky Road Bite from ASDA. Other than sports day (back in the day) it's the only day I really feel excluded from...

Anyway, personal feelings aside, I went to sleep to be ready for Monday's lecture.

I don't know why, but I woke up later than I should have, stuffed a load of crisps down myself as breakfast and headed to Uni...I was miffed - I don't know why, I was just not in the most decent of moo- hang on...what's that bright thing in the car park? Is that a MX-5? Soarer? No. It can't be... IS THAT A FREAKING SUPRA?!!?!!?

Yes. Yes it was, and my day had instantly been fixed.

Wolverhampton isn't KNOWN for its Supercar scene or fancy cars rolling about - so to see such a professionally done one, and a Supra (can't re-call seeing my last Supra) it was definitely a treat.

I'd later find out the owner owns this, as well as a Toyota Celica ST185 GT-Four (1989 - 1993) in a beautiful Repsol rally livery based off Carlos Sainz's 1992 Tour De Course car (apparently this model was Toyota's most successful to date!) and that the same Supra I saw also went to the Scottish Highlands...

Anyway, after this exciting interaction, I headed into my lecture.

This week we looked at a few different things including some false myths about feature writing.

1) You can't/shouldn't use contractions - Yes, you can, it can make writing more conversational and informal - to get on the same level as your reader, like a chat almost.

2) Avoid using passive voice - Passive voice can be used, just be wary. An active voice is saying the "action" first - (the car HIT the pedestrian) whereas passive is: the pedestrian was hit by the car.

In the end, it's about preference and how it flows on the paper - different sentences call for different voices.

3) Avoid sentence fragments - these are short punchy sentences and can add massive impact to your writing

Example: I walked through the graveyard, I knew I wasn't alone.

Sentence Fragment: I walked through the graveyard.

I knew I wasn't alone.

4) a person must be referred to as 'who' - In the song "the man that got away" - that replaces who - (as opposed to "the man who got away") - also I learned that if "who" follows "to" - it's whom - to quote Valterri Bottas "To Whom It May Concern..."

Lewis started on pole - Lewis is the driver:

A) which started first

B) That started first

C) who started first

D) Whom started first

in this case B sounds the best

5) None is singular - this is false - "None of the 864 drivers finished the race" "None of the drivers switched to wet tyres" "None of the protesters were charged"

6) You can start a list with 'like' - this is a false myth - because "like" doesn't mean similar/the same as. For example

There are many F1 drivers like:




Yes, Hamilton and Vettel may be LIKE those listed above - but none (myth #5) are quite as good or on the same level as those listed.

a better way to introduce a list would be to use, "for example" or "such as" There have been many F1 Drivers such as/for example:




and then you'd go on to say why they are so good/treasured by history

After this, we went through a few basics, just to hammer them into our skulls, these were: (myth #6)

- Capital letters (for job titles)

- Semi colon usage

- usage of: 'and', 'but', 'which' and 'that'

- comma usage (particularly splicing)

- US VS UK spellings & homophones.

That afternoon, I returned back to my uni accommodation and watched Luke have a race.

Luke is another of my friends that I knew from real life and decided to get in on iRacing.

Whilst he got his account on the 11th February (a week yesterday), I only remember watching his races late on the 12th/early on the 13th. Prior to me watching his races, he only did the Global Mazda MX5 Cup at Summit Point (the same layout I raced at back in 2019 - was quicker than me), two Production Car Challenge races (which I convinced him to do) as well as a pair of Ferrari GT3 Challenge races at Spa.

In these 9 races (the first 9 of his career), he'd pick up 1 pole position and 3 podiums.

Here's the first screenshot I have of Luke in action

(23:46 GMT - Luke experiences the joys of Rookie racing)

Luke continued to go from strength to strength, picking up another 3 front row starts (not poles) and another 2 podiums.

Now in Class C, things are getting slightly more tricky - although he is experimenting with other series such as F3.

Before you ask, yes, he is both faster than me and has a higher iRating than me.

Luke on the warm-up lap at a Charlotte Roval race.

Career Summary

11th Feb: First Race, First Pole (2nd race) & First (3) Podium(s) 12th Feb: First multiclass race, promoted to Class D.

13th Feb: First experience in GT3 machinery (Ferrari GT3 Evo)

15th Feb: First home race and first win (Oulton Park)

16th Feb: Promoted to Class C, first F3 race.



With Monday over (thankfully), I didn't have to think about Valentines Day for the next 350+ days, which is nice.

Tuesday's lecture is at 2pm - so I was able to have a bit of a lie in before cracking on with some work.

I was in the middle of listening to some banging tunes when I looked at the clock, which displayed "1pm" - okay, plenty of time.

I look again and it's 1:53pm. Shit. I gather my things, throw my laptop into my bag and quick-march to Uni. I make it 15 - 20 minutes late, not great, but the best I could do after realising my mistake.

Slowly, lecture by lecture, day by day more and more work is being loaded on top of me.

Sometimes I feel like a donkey at the beach - some days I get heavier "riders" and other days I'm lucky and only get children/light "riders" - I don't know when I'm going to collapse or break - or even if I have the ability to, I just have to keep walking - because I signed up for University - so I better do Uni.

After my emergency the previous week (undisclosed), my lecturer kindly said that the feature practice work (classwork) could be handed in the following week, in addition to this, I also have a Radio News Production bulletin that has to go on air/be edited/recorded. Photo-Journalism then came along and plonked another piece of work on top of me.

In addition to these three (and the blog), I also have three pieces of work which were uncompleted in my previous semesters.

My two goals for this module/course (Multimedia Journalism at the University Of Wolverhampton) were to either get a job or failing that to do a Masters at Coventry University (Automotive Journalism)

The three pieces I failed to do were:

  1. Public Affairs Groupwork (First-Year work, doesn't count towards my final grade), going to skip this one.

  2. Multimedia News Production (Second-Year, Semester 1) I've made a start on it. It's better to have something to show than never attempt it

  3. Representation Of Race, Gender and Sexuality in Film - this was due on the day after I arrived at home (on the Isle Of Wight) and with moving boxes, furniture and the general stress of moving in (and WiFi and Boiler issues added to that) time sort of slipped away completely.

The ironic thing was that I completed the first assignment and my lecturer said that it was "too in-depth" (TL;DR) and that as long as it didn't look like a bibliography, it was okay to use chunks/parts of my bibliography (first assignment) for my second assignment (the one I missed)

As before, even if it's much too late, and I just get a pass mark, it's all going to add up in the end.

That evening, I watched another of Luke's races.


Wednesday came around once again.

Once upon a time this used to be my favourite day of the week (at college, I had no lessons on Wednesday), now I'm...reconsidering.

So far:

15/12/2021 - (Reporter) - Me in wales for the Race Of Remembrance, however I couldn't export my footage, and whilst I presented (read off the teleprompter), there's nothing like seeing your package on the big screen...even if it's just in the Uni.

26/01/2022 - First week back (in 2022), Screen School Tour

02/02/2022 - (Reporter) Vox-Pop, however couldn't get my content into the bulletin -

09/02/2022 - Had to deal with Essex Situation/not full-on News-Day

16/02/2022 - (Future Planner) - With the UWRacing piece not quite complete, I spent the day looking at upcoming events which could be good for News articles such as:

- The Olympics Closing Ceremony and Team GB's poor result (picking up one silver medal in Curling)

- Shrove Tuesay (March 1st)

As I was doing this, the TV News Day went live to air without my input.

23/02/2022 - After almost a month after being back at Uni, my hope is that my voice will finally get some air-time and I'll have something to use for my portfolio which is due in May 2022.



Thursday felt surprisingly "productively unproductive" - like I managed to quite a lot, but at the end of the day, I felt like I hadn't achieved anything.

I started my Multimedia News Production Assignment (the one I had previously missed) and wrote the feature article that was due that weekend/Sunday.

In addition to this, I also took a few photos for my Photojournalism task - but later found out I had to (assumedly) take pictures of people (?) or a VUI (Visual Unit Of Information) - but I got a few nice pictures without people, so, we'll see how that goes.

On Thursday night, I was just about to have a shower, when I realised that the shower handle (in the warm/hot position) was not increasing the tempreture of the water...fun fun. I then tried the hot water tap in the sink - after 30 seconds to a minute, this was also still cold/cool. Brilliant. No hot water.

I reported it to maintenance and by 10am the following morning (Friday) they had it fixed. Top work!

To wrap up this day, Ferrari revealed their new, 2022 F1 car!

I must say, I am a BIG fan of those vents down the side, very nice!


The 18th was hardly a "day" - I woke up with a headache, had a shower, this did nothing, so I headed back to bed and slept for 3/4 of the day.

I only properly woke up at about 8pm to cook myself some food - I was feeling mildly better and that even if I felt awful, some hot food in the stomach goes a long way.

A year ago, the 18th (Feb) became a very special day for me - it became my first pole of my career - and ended up being my first podium since 2020 (third of my career after:

- one in my rookie career (2019)

- one in a team/endurance event (2020)

Pole To Podium!

This year, it was the reveal date of the brand new Mercedes 2022 car...who, oddly, decided to reveal two different liveries - a render, and a real life one.


(Real One)

Just Alfa Romeo remains! 19/02/2022

Alright! Today.

Today's been a "quietly productive day" getting on with things due here and there - like this blog, and ensuring my Writing Feature Practice is as good as it can be.

In addition to this, now is about the time that my 2022 Academic Calendar empties out a bit after the first month or two are filled with reminders from 2021, and things I need to remember later on in the year.

Anyway, have a good weekend and I'll Blog Soon (weird ending, but okay!)


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