A Rather Mediocre Week...

Updated: Feb 20

Good Morning!

I hope you are well.

I am...mostly.

13/02/2022 I returned to Wolverhampton at about 8:45pm.

The plan was to have a McDonalds since all the food in my fridge was out of date, however there were renovation works going on at my go-to Maccies, so I had to hunt for another...which I eventually found.

After McDonalds, I returned to my accommodation and stayed up until Midnight because I had a very special picture to upload.


Midnight. 00:00. I publish this picture.

Yes, I know I'm salty - but I've been single on this day for the past 19 years (on my first valentines day, I was less than a month old, so that doesn't count, and neither does 2021's as I was dating someone...at the time).

It's just hard to see everyone so happy and getting flowers, chocolate and love and I'm just sat at home munching on a Mini White Choc' Rocky Road Bite from ASDA. Other than sports day (back in the day) it's the only day I really feel excluded from...

Anyway, personal feelings aside, I went to sleep to be ready for Monday's lecture.

I don't know why, but I woke up later than I should have, stuffed a load of crisps down myself as breakfast and headed to Uni...I was miffed - I don't know why, I was just not in the most decent of moo- hang on...what's that bright thing in the car park? Is that a MX-5? Soarer? No. It can't be... IS THAT A FREAKING SUPRA?!!?!!?

Yes. Yes it was, and my day had instantly been fixed.

Wolverhampton isn't KNOWN for its Supercar scene or fancy cars rolling about - so to see such a professionally done one, and a Supra (can't re-call seeing my last Supra) it was definitely a treat.

I'd later find out the owner owns this, as well as a Toyota Celica ST185 GT-Four (1989 - 1993) in a beautiful Repsol rally livery based off Carlos Sainz's 1992 Tour De Course car (apparently this model was Toyota's most successful to date!) and that the same Supra I saw also went to the Scottish Highlands...

Anyway, after this exciting interaction, I headed into my lecture.

This week we looked at a few different things including some false myths about feature writing.

1) You can't/shouldn't use contractions - Yes, you can, it can make writing more conversational and informal - to get on the same level as your reader, like a chat almost.

2) Avoid using passive voice - Passive voice can be used, just be wary. An active voice is saying the "action" first - (the car HIT the pedestrian) whereas passive is: the pedestrian was hit by the car.

In the end, it's about preference and how it flows on the paper - different sentences call for different voices.

3) Avoid sentence fragments - these are short punchy sentences and can add massive impact to your writing

Example: I walked through the graveyard, I knew I wasn't alone.

Sentence Fragment: I walked through the graveyard.

I knew I wasn't alone.

4) a person must be referred to as 'who' - In the song "the man that got away" - that replaces who - (as opposed to "the man who got away") - also I learned that if "who" follows "to" - it's whom - to quote Valterri Bottas "To Whom It May Concern..."

Lewis started on pole - Lewis is the driver:

A) which started first

B) That started first

C) who started first

D) Whom started first

in this case B sounds the best

5) None is singular - this is false - "None of the 864 drivers finished the race" "None of the drivers switched to wet tyres" "None of the protesters were charged"

6) You can start a list with 'like' - this is a false myth - because "like" doesn't mean similar/the same as. For example

There are many F1 drivers like:




Yes, Hamilton and Vettel may be LIKE those listed above - but none (myth #5) are quite as good or on the same level as those listed.

a better way to introduce a list would be to use, "for example" or "such as" There have been many F1 Drivers such as/for example:




and then you'd go on to say why they are so good/treasured by history

After this, we went through a few basics, just to hammer them into our skulls, these were: (myth #6)

- Capital letters (for job titles)

- Semi colon usage

- usage of: 'and', 'but', 'which' and 'that'

- comma usage (particularly splicing)

- US VS UK spellings & homophones.

That afternoon, I returned back to my uni accommodation and watched Luke have a race.

Luke is another of my friends that I knew from real life and decided to get in on iRacing.

Whilst he got his account on the 11th February (a week yesterday), I only remember watching his races late on the 12th/early on the 13th. Prior to me watching his races, he only did the Global Mazda MX5 Cup at Summit Point (the same layout I raced at back in 2019 - was quicker than me), two Production Car Challenge races (which I convinced him to do) as well as a pair of Ferrari GT3 Challenge races at Spa.

In these 9 races (the first 9 of his career), he'd pick up 1 pole position and 3 podiums.

Here's the first screenshot I have of Luke in action

(23:46 GMT - Luke experiences the joys of Rookie racing)

Luke continued to go from strength to strength, picking up another 3 front row starts (not poles) and another 2 podiums.

Now in Class C, things are getting slightly more tricky - although he is experimenting with other series such as F3.

Before you ask, yes, he is both faster than me and has a higher iRating than me.