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A Poor Run Up To Week 13

This past weekend hasn't exactly gone to plan in terms of race results.

I'd agree to race with Twan (A friend of mine) to help him out with his reputation. The "deal" was supposed to start in S2, 2021 - but in racing, there's no such thing as "too early" to sort these things

Twan was rapid during qualifying on Saturday, qualifying 9th place.

I would then get in the car and do the start of the race (first hour of a three hour race) - my first stint going not too badly.

Unfortunately, during his stint, he'd run wide at the exit of 130R and that would unsettle the car and plant it in the barrier. He'd apologise and ask if I'd do the Sunday's race with him...I was hesitant, but agreed.

One sleep later and Twan was a changed man - not only would he qualify P4, but he'd also be HUGELY competitive during the race - getting the car into the Top 3 after I spun once and lightly bounced off the barrier on another occasion (falling outside of the top 10) We'd make it so, so far - within reaching distance of a podium before the Mercedes we were battling with spun at the hairpin (not spoon curve). We'd go down the inside...but recieve a huge clout from the rear, spinning us out and giving us massive - and terminal damage. Had the Mercedes just stayed where he was, it's likely we would have got a podium on our first weekend - Twan has pace - and managed to keep it out of trouble...with pace like this, I think we are a dynamic (and dangerous) duo.

Between the two races, I was going to do the Sunday's ELMS race with Joost (and Dan who tagged along) but unfortunately an accident on lap 1 left the car undriveable, and we all quit with minimal iRating loss.

Tomorrow is the start of Week 13 - A time to relax and unwind and mentally prepare for next season - unfortunately I have none of the cars in the "Battle Of The Small Wings" series, but there is a sprint GT3 series that does tickle my fancy.

This season (S1, 2021) was probably the last full season I will complete in a while - as I'm going back in April (or that's when the uni says) - so just as last year, I'll probably wrap up my racing a few weeks or days before, make sure I leave my iRating on a high and toodle off to Wolverhampton once again. My parents are wanting to move house "pronto" also so, a little bit of uncertainty there but as long as I take every day as it comes, I think I'll be alright


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