A Mixed Start To 2021

Season 1, 2021 (on iRacing) began on the 15th December, 2020.

For me it was a very busy time with assignments, road-trips (ETS2), the Daytona 12 Hours and Christmas.

It was also the time I attempted the VRS GT Sprint Series to poor result, followed by the Sim crashing in my first F3 race of the season. For those competing in the Ferrari GT3 Challenge, it was a very chaotic start to the year - the inaugural race of the season being at Oran Park, a tiny, technical and tricky little circuit that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore.

Week 2 (beginning on the 22nd Dec) was just as exciting as this week's was held at Lime Rock Park and had I not been so busy and realised that there was GT3's at Lime Rock I would have definitely cracked a cheeky attempt!

Week 2 in F3 was held at Sebring and despite MANY slow-downs, I'd still finish P11 from 8th on the grid.

After a rather busy Christmas, Week 2 would end with me doing my first endurance race since August. This was ELMS - now branded EES (European Endurance Series) with Joost at Imola. We'd finish 15th in class - not a bad start, but certainly room for improvement.

In the 3hr VRS GT Endurance Series, Weber (GER) and Jensen (SWE) achieved Kabort's first podium (2nd) in "2021" even before the year began!

It was another missed opportunity for me as the advanced Mazda MX5 series went to Le Mans - in cars as slow as they are - I'm sure it was a rather chaotic slip-streaming mess!

Week 3 then strolled by on the 29th December, the very next day was my three attempts at Nurburgring (killing a portion of my small iRating) before 2021 officially began on the Friday of that week.

Kabort weren't done with VRS Endurance and on Saturday 2nd Brits Adam Pearce and Max Thorne one-upped Weber and Jensen by winning the 3 hour at Donington Park.

These results then put Kabort Motorsport in 29th OVERALL in the Team Standings for VRS Endurance - 1,372 teams all fighting for the top!

This number comes only after the first 9 races and 3 weeks - many more are expected to join later on!

EES is this coming weekend at Road Atlanta...should be fun - the track's a rollercoaster!


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