A Lazy Lead Up To Christmas

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Good Evening, I hope you are doing well.

I'd like to start off by apologising for the slightly less than frequent blogs, I'll just link these down below:

(Tue) December 8th

Came Home

(Wed) December 9th

Missed Week 13th race due to messing around with Dissassembly

(Sat) December 12th

24hrs Limes (Volkswagen Jetta) - DNS (Sun) December 13th/14th

One year since "Kabort 12 Days Of Christmas" (13th Dec, 2019)

Kabort 12 Days Of Christmas 2020 (16th Dec, 2020)

(Tue) December 8th - (Mon) 14th

Week 13

(Tue) December 15th

Week 1, Season 1, 2021 (iRacing)

Visited friends

(Wed) December 16th

iRacing VRS Sprint Experiment

First Assignment Due

(Thur) December 17th

Filmed Iceland Road-trip with Bonehead - release date unknown

Last uni lecture of 2020

(Fri) December 18th

Tried F3 (Formula 3 at Laguna Seca) - first attempt the sim froze after qualifying, forcing me to quit the sim and lose MANY iRating

(Sat) December 19th

Macmillan 12hrs Daytona (Aston Martin DBR9 GT1) - DNF

(Sun) December 20th

2 Year Anniversary Of #RoadTo24s

Less Than 100 Hours To Christmas

(Tue) December 22nd

Filming of trip from Nordkapp - Opole (release date unknown)

(Wed) December 23rd

Christmas Eve morning in Kiribati/Christmas Island

Blog Links

December 8 - 9th

December 9 - 11th

December 12th

December 16 - 17th

Why The Lack Of Blogs?

No, I'm not falling out of love with blogging, I'm still massively in love with it....however, the problem is that I've done fck all - I've done nothing - which means if I do nothing, there's nothing to blog about, meaning that there are no blogs.

Sure I've played a couple of minutes of INFRA, killed some AI on iRacing and recorded some videos with mates, but in truth - with the lockdown/tier 4 - I haven't been out, my family haven't been over and with my SIORAW (Self-Inflicted One Race A Week) iRacing Policy, since VRS and F3 at Laguna, I haven't touched the sim...but since it's now a new Week, and Christmas Eve Day tomorrow - I might sneak in a cheeky race if I feel up for it.

Cold Update? I'm feeling much better (wasn't this morning, but now I do)

I'm basically taking every day as it launches itself at me. Some days are exciting.....others aren't.


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