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A Blog From The Future...

Good morning, evening, night, afternoon or even day. This Blog will go out on Monday (5th December) but to get ahead (attempting to write a Blog A Day this advent), I decided to write it early.

Let's start in Chronological order:


Back in 2020 (2 years ago), to count down to Christmas/Advent, whilst at Uni, I made a whole Google Maps/street-view Road-Trip spanning every last continent on Earth


Back in October, I began a Christmas countdown (here), but sort of abandoned it half-way through, the last "date" on it being the final (real life) Bathurst 1000km Holden would compete in.

Since then, life has got a bit busy - Petite Le Mans and then the final round of the Nurburgring Endurance Championship being on subsequent weekends, followed by going out to the mainland for 5 consecutive weeks (over a month) following that.

In my first week NOT going to the mainland (week beginning 21st November), I had a mad weekend with two races and a musical/cinema visit - which distracted me a great deal and very quickly found myself on the door of advent (pun not intended).

On the opening days of advent (29th Nov - 2nd Dec) I once again found myself on the mainland (voluntarily of course) and didn't bring my laptop or computer - and therefore couldn't upload said "Blog A Day" on the first two days of advent.

I returned back (on the Isle Of Wight) at about 1am on the 2nd December and (after 8 hours sleep) I spent it attending a job-centre/Universal Credit meeting, writing up the blogs I had missed, a Facebook post about nearly being in an accident, and just generally enjoying home-life.

The next day, on the 3rd, I published 3 blogs and a review - my first blog since the 22nd November.

I didn't quite expect to be out until the 2nd December - and I had a catch-22 situation. Had I known I would be out for so long, I would have to write the blog on the 27th (left early on the 28th) - But then when would I write the blog detailing the 28th - 1st/2nd December?

Here's how the first week of my "Blog A Day" is going:


Planned Article

​Published Article


(Didn't have actual plan)​"Weirdly Therapeutic Driving Games"



"A Year On Teardown - Progress Report"

(2nd Dec. 2021 - Teardown Pt. 2 is released)

(Write-Up Day) - Upon coming home, I had 18 days (over 2 Weeks) of content to write up


N/A (A bit stuck on a level at the moment, and I don't want spoilers as to how far I am into Pt. 2


"Life In The Stylish Lane" (The history of my iRacing Livery)

- Dash Towards December Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

- Review ("Weirdly Therapeutic Driving Game")

(Thought 3 blogs for 3 days would be fitting)


iRacing Rollercoaster Update (Late 2021)

iRacing Rollercoaster Update (Late 2021)

​05/12/2022 (We Are Here)

iRacing Rollercoaster Update (2022)

iRacing Rollercoaster Update (2022)

06/12/2022 - 12/12/2022

​Week 13, Season 4, 2022 (Race Report A Day)

​Week 13, Season 4, 2022 (Race Report A Day)


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