A Blast To The Past...

11th March It started with a Facebook memory of a rather shoddy Media Project I made at college.

On the original, my mother commented that I had a (slightly better) alternative (more realistic) version which I hadn't shared/shown and in a bid to find this version (that she was talking about). I went for a hunt looking for it.

On my road-to-discovery, I stumbled upon many old things which bought back plenty of memories.

The first thing I discovered was part of my old college email inbox - I've since forgotten the user/password to access it (and my college email/account has probably been removed) but to scroll through some of the things last year and all the frequent submissions was definitely interesting to look at.

The original file came from (June) 2018 or around that period - unfortunately my old college inbox only went to 2019 without an email/password.

I next gave my current email-inbox a try...more memories - In Match 2018, I was in the process of getting a job at Daytona Sandown Park and was in the midst of a "Roleplay" thread on BeamNG.Drive. I have since parted ways with Daytona Sandown Park (I was not right for the job - an old friend of mine worked there and I thought I was made of the same stuff, but obviously not)

Not finding anything of any significance, I tried Google Drive. I went to my oldest videos, and whilst I didn't find what I was looking for, I was pleasantly surprised to find some video clips that I never new survived (usually a video on my camera doesn't make it past the year)

The videos in question were clips from a vlog (when I used to vlog) from the Spa 12 Hours - I had a good clear voice, interesting camera angle (lol) and what I was showing was entertaining...I think the lack of views I was getting put me off...had I continued vlogging since I was 12, 14 maybe even 16...maybe it'd slowly gather attention over time, but I guess life pans out the way it does and editing was quite the hassle for the amount of attention it got.

At the time I was at college, so naturally it got some "attention" from those who "didn't have my best interest at heart". I think this, the editing process and then lack of any views really put me off because I wasn't half bad...

But life happens and now I'm a blogging University student, so I guess that it's not all bad!

The hunt would end at no later than 10:25am on Friday Morning. After finding out I had no lecture (it was pre-recorded) I continued my hunt (after starting to write this blog) and with one simple search of my Facebook profile ("Stop-Motion") I found it, sitting there...a bit dusty but it was there and the hunt had come to an end.

Whilst watching it, I even cracked a smile...despite the somewhat shaky camera, it was a good, enjoyable watch and I'm glad I watched it.

There was no way to download the file since it was on Blogger, but with the help of OBS, I've been able to record every last second of it.


Thursday 11th March 2021

Thursday was a rather quiet day.

Sticking with the theme of "Blast To The Past", Thursday's Week 13 race was at Long Beach.

Ironically enough, the Previous Week 13 (From Season 4, 2020 to Season 1, 2021) Thursday's race in the Tin Top Tussle (celebrating the launch of the Lamborghini Huracan GT3) was at the brand new Long Beach circuit that had just been released.

So...have I improved over one season of racing? Let's find out!


10th Dec. S4, 2020: 6th - 1:24.086

11th Mar. S1, 2021: 12th - 1:24.171

So I'm not worlds apart...and on the 12th December, just two days later, Long Beach was once again on the agenda (track-list), however in both attempts I didn't manage a lap time.

Let's have a look at race pace.


10th Dec. S4, 2020: 6th - Average Lap Time: 1:29.235 | Fastest: 1:23.406

11th Mar. S1, 2021: 8th - Average Lap Time: 1:25.133 | Fastest: 1:21.970

Interesting! Very interesting indeed - Starting from down in 12th, to shuffle my way up the grid with a faster average and lap-time I think shows that I have a faster race pace and I've done better at keeping it out of trouble and keeping up with the pack. Let's look at my ratings.


10th Dec. S4, 2020: Licence: A(2.44) | iRating: 1044

11th Mar. S1, 2021: Licence: A(4.24) | iRating: 1026

I've certainly become safer since - however iRating is fluctuating and I'm sure a couple of weeks into S1, 2021 I'll catch back up to that 1044!

That evening I'd finish and upload the pictures from the MOFO round at Donington.

Friday 12th March 2021

Another rather quiet day. (or my memory is dissapearing)

Today's race was at Road Atlanta. The last time I raced here, I got my second F3 podium in a row (the previous one being at Interlagos) - knowing the track pretty well, I proceeded to qualify.

I crossed the line after finishing my first flying lap. It felt alright but I knew I had more in the bag. With the knowledge that it was Week 13 and there were no splits, I pushed on - for a quicker laptime.

Totally unbeknownst to me, I had just secured provisional pole...or I had for 6 seconds before an unknown stranger called Josh Sentence just went a little bit faster.

My second laptime was faster...I finished my lap and pulled over. To my totally shock, surprise and wonder I had put it on pole, the remaining time ticking slowly away...too slowly...the seconds turned into minutes...but it wasn't enough. Time went too slowly and Josh, who had beaten my time previously slapped in a time only 0.06 seconds faster 2 minutes after I originally claimed provisional pole.

Truswell almost had it!

It was still a front row start and a bloody impressive one at that - only once before had I started on 2nd (First round of the Official Skip Barber Race Series, Spa, S3, 2020) - this marked the 6th front row start of my career, and 5th personally.

(V8 Supercars at Le Mans, F3 races at Monza and Interlagos, Spa in the Skippies)

The race would go spectacularly. P3 & P4 speared off wide at turn one after missing their braking points, giving me a little space behind as Sentance sped off into the distance.

10 laps and a single incident point later, the chequered flag would fall on Sentance, with me finishing in second just two seconds behind (third would be a further 16 behind me)

Sentance was consistently faster than me - an average lap of his being a 1:21.545 compared to my 1:21.859 3 tenths slower. We had a very nice chat post-race.

I don't often get to drive in formation Post-Race, it was a nice little gesture that ended the race on a high

The strength of field was 1135 - meaning the average iRating of the drivers in the race was 1135 - at 1026 myself, it gives me hope - it lets me know that I can beat guys that are higher IR than me - one of my competitors even being 1.4K!

I believe the SOF was slightly lower than it should have been due to two individuals with sub-600 iRating, but to finish P2 against this level of "playing" field was, as I said, very nice and a nice confidence booster...and might even be a reputation booster!

In terms of SOF of podium finishes, it sits third after my 1168 SOF podium in my rookie season and 1160 SOF F3 pole-to-podium at Interlagos.

Once again, I thank you for reading the blogs, I hope you have enjoyed at W13 GT3 Challenge is at Watkins Glen Cup tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes!


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