Kabort Korea 


Our Korean friends who we have a strong iRacing connection to outside of Kabort.


Jaehan An

South Korea, 3.0k iRating, Class A, LMP1 Manager, Uro & Kabort Motorsport Relations Manager

Jaehan was the first Korean to join Kabort Motorsport and bought with him dozens of talent. He's been with us since the Bathurst 1000km where he raced a Ford V8 Falcon Supercar with some fellow Koreans who left shortly after. Since then he's been leading, managing, encouraging to drive and even translating for five to six Koreans whom drive (or drove) in the LMP1 Audi R18 - splittling up into "Gold" and "Bronze". 

More recently, Jaehan took part in the disastrous Winter Nurburgring 24 Hours, and despite making it further than the International Team, they were unfortunately disqualified due to some technical infringement. 

Shortly following this, Jaehan and the Koreans have switched their focus to Jang's team - Uro Motorsports which focuses on the vVLN (Virtual VLN) Series, which races regularly at Nurburgring Nordschliefe. 

In compensation for "losing" the drivers (they will now not only focus on LMP1 ELMS) Jaehan has helped Jang set up Uro Motorsports and their connection with Kabort, the details of which are in a blog. 

In short, Kabort has the Uro Motorsports logo on it, and the Uro Motorsports car has the Kabort Motorsport logo on it. With heavy ties to real life racing (and an Asian Radical importer), this should be a healthy connection. 

With this, I'm sure that it won't be long before Kabort Korea win a race!

In conclusion, Jaehan has hired all the Koreans, helped translate numerous messages, and got them to race. He is a massive part of the team


Kyle Jeong

AUS, Class B,

The only non-Korean in Kabort Korea, Kyle has been in Kabort since Bathurst 1000KM. Despite racing on and off, Kyle has still put in a lot of effort and helped the team achieve some great results. Just the cost of tracks and not enough time stands in the way of him becoming a full time racer. 

His last race was at Twin Ring Motegi, but hopes to be back for the Bathurst 12 Hours, and other future events. 


Chang Mun Ryu

South Korean, Class A, 100 Day Club, Uro Motorsports, 2.4K iRating, 

Chang is focusing incredibly hard on the vVLN series to get the best results for the team, and therefore raceraly has time to race for Kabort Motorsport. 

"I just like cars. It's fun to drive and repair. I had an old logitech steering wheel set in my storage. One day, I took out the old steering wheel and connect it. And I was surprised. FFB was realistic. After playing pcars, assetto corsa and then I fell in love with iracing now. My iracing sim rig was changed a lot now."


Jae Heon Bang

South Korean, Class A, 100 Day Club

After racing in a real life Korean racing series (called "superrace"), Jae needed a much cheaper way of racing. He stumbled upon iRacing...and the rest is history! 


Yu Sung Yune

South Korea, Class B, 100 Day Club

Joining less than a week after Jaehan, despite knowing little to no English, he has been a very large part of the team. 

Yu Sung, other than Jaehan An and Kyle Jeong was the only driver to stay after the Bathurst 1000km, where he returned after a short hiatus. Yu Sung is incredibly quick and dedicated and knows how to get the most out of the car. 

Following Bathurst, Yu Sung raced at Le Mans (6th), Twin Ring Motegi (5th before last second DSQ) and Sebring - where he and Jae Heon Bang unfortunately touched - neither injured nor angry, both just wiser and faster. 

Yu Sung will be "returning" after a while of not racing for Kabort Motorsport where he will be in a Porsche 911 RSR GTE for the Daytona 24 Hours with Aitor Sintes-Galindo, Marcelo Valente,  Jaehan An, and fellow returnees Maxim Badidi and Tamas Sipos. 

uro shield.jpg

Jang Han Choi

Class A, South Korea, 

The most recent of the Koreans that have been added, Jang (also owner/manager of sister team Uro Motorsports) is the cream of the crop. 

Racing in real life in a Porsche Cayman in the real Nurburgring 24 Hours, Jang brings real life experience to the virtual world. 

Jang, with the other Koreans primarily focus on the vVLN (Virtual VLN Series) and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the GT4 Porsche Cayman this April. 


It will be very exciting to see how well he does in the 2020 ELMS Season along with his Korean friends - some good results should be on the way.   


Yoonho Jung

South Korea, Class A, 2.6K iRating

After playing an Inital D Arcade game with friends for about 4 - 5 years, one became a professional driver, whilst several became amateur drivers.  These guys introduced Yoonho to Sim-Racing, and 6 months ago started his racing career with Assetto Corsa. Yoonho heard that iRacing was the last stage of becoming a Sim Racer, and changed the main game he plays to iRacing. For Season 1, 2020, Yoonho has chosen to race the Ferrari's as opposed to racing the LMP1 that he did the previous season. With being in Kabort Korea, Yoonho also has to focus on Uro Motorsports