Mateusz Drozda

GBR, Class A, 2.5

New Driver, Friend Of Tijmen Berends

Bikes at Amsterdam Canal

Tijmen Berends

17, NTL, Class A, 2.6k iRating, series coordinator

Streams On: https://www.twitch.tv/justtijmen

I started racing at a very young age.  I knew I loved racing right at the beginning when my dad got a PlayStation 2 with the grant turismo games.


I did a little bit of karting (and still do) but sadly the funds were never there to do it at a competitive level.


I have raced R/C cars (1/10th scale electric and 1/5th scale 2 stroke gas cars) for about 6 years at a competitive level in the Netherlands.


I found the love for simracing at the start of 2015 on rfactor2 and running in Dutch leagues for a while I got to know that iRacing was the place to be if you wanted to grow.


A couple of years later in early 2019 I got started on iRacing and now do a lot of the endurance races on the service mainly with Kabort Motorsport.


I do all sorts of racing next do the enduro’s and am here mainly just for a good time! See you around on track!