Kabort K4


Sam Thurtell

AUS, Class A, Series Coordinator

Sam is currently a massive help with the "Teams And Drivers" aspect of Kabort Motorsport


Berkley Cox

USA, Class A, Series Coordinator

After being fired from Kabort for having an in-sufficient licence in the early days of the team, Berkley returned with a vengeance in March 2020 - and was ready to race

He had a variety of success stories - and others to forget - but finishing 4th in ELMS alongside Andy was definitely a high point! 


Owen Price

GBR (Wales)

Currently at 1614 iR.

Been on iRacing for 1 year I have completed in the:
-Daytona 24
-Bathurst 12
-Sebring 12
-Petit Le Mans

 before Iracing I was racing on F1 games and just recently got ACC,