Justinas Ribelis 

LIT, Class A

"I'm 22 years old student from Lithuania. Studying Sports cars maintenance. I started autosport when i was 5 years old. It was Formula 1.


After that i started playing F1 Challenge a lot. After many years playing that game, i found out rFactor where i started competing in Lithuanian Formula 1 league. After one season I fought for title. I do that for few years and the stopped to play simracing. After one two year break I started playing iRacing where i found out Kabort Motorsport. At the moment i'm driving for this team and looking for a future victories with those great guys."

- Justinas

Justinas has made good friends with Robert Land (below) and has begun to do races with him entirely on their own.

Robert Land 

CAN, Class A, 2.2K iRating

Hailing from the Canadian rocky mountains, Rob is a long time motorsport fan and a fan of all forms of racing. He starting sim racing in 2014 and never looked back. 


As mentioned above, Robert has made friends with Justinas and they often do ELMS (Endurance Le Mans Series) together. Through Kabort's high's and low's they remain a strong team who never gives up.