Kabort K2

Daniel Weber

I've basically done some sort of virtual racing my whole life.

Starting at 10yrs old with Gran Turismo 1 and a controller, later I got a PS2 with Gran Turismo 4 and some Formula 1 games.


At the age of 13 I bought a PC-Magazine with GTR 2 as an gift and I raced it and the other SImbin sims (especially GT Legends <3) a lot.

I bought my first wheel and competed in a league, but in my later teenage years I dropped that hobby and I didn't come really back to it until I bought a copy of Asetto Corsa around 2016 to drive some laps around the Nordschleife with a Controller, but I realized I had to get a Wheel again.

From there on, I did some virtual driving against AI casually.


Later I got Rfactor2 and this really got me back into this Hobby.

As I did some Endurance races with and against the AI- that's where I heard about iRacing and the rest of the story is probably the same as for every iRacer...

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Daniel has also created the highlighter GTE Liveries for the Team 
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GER, Class A, 

Tim Perry

I started iracing 8 years ago but but been a bit on and off it. I do almost every series you can think of! I joined because I needed a team for Le mans but stayed for the bants.

In real cars I competed for many years in the Alfa Romeo Championship, both in the UK and Europe driving Alfa 147s and 156s. Although I had many podiums I never quite achieved a win! A recent adventure in Rotax karting provided a welcome return to racing. Again many podiums were had but the win escaped me. Sim racing has been a hobby for me for a long time but only in the last year have I dedicated serious time to it. I have over a hundred races on both road and oval disciplines, hold an A licence in both and a 2k irating in both. My favourite car on the service is probably the LMP1 car, closely followed by the NASCAR cup car.

USA, Class A, Series Coordinator