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Aitor Sintes-Galindo


  I honestly cannot believe that Aitor and I have only known each other for 3 months...Aitor has been such a big part of not only my Kabort life, but real life too. Aitor originally started with us to do the Watkins Glen 6 Hours, but then moved onto VRS Endurance with us...a little after this, Getu took a little break from iRacing, following an interest in VR Chat, and slight boredom in iRacing. This lasted a good few weeks, knowing I had VR Chat only meant the only thing...I had to join him. We went to beautiful Japanese Spas, Nordschliefe and even a fireworks show...but a while later, he (and more importantly, I) returned. This break did him some good - he was refreshed. Like a fire had been lit inside him, it was almost as if he was a new man! And the best part? He was competitive! 

  Season 4 was upon us, and as we were racing in the ELMS (Endurance Le Mans Series), we now had the option of running the LMP1. 

  The moment I announced it, Getu was in! He finally had the opportunity to stretch his legs and drive to the limit, and for the first 2 races of the season, that's exactly what he did....until the car retired of course....


Jaehan An

South Korea, 26, Class A, 2164 IRating

Jaehan came looking for a team weeks before the Bathurst 1000KM, he invited along 4 other enthusiastic Koreans - only himself, Kyle Jeong and Yu Sung are still on the team. Jaehan is a very positive, bubbly little character, and he is always polite.

After handling the insane Ford, Jaehan turned his attention to racing in Kabort's LMP1 sector. We soon found out that he's an absolute monster in this as well. 

Jaehan has also taken part in Jimmy Broadbent's race for mental health for his long-time friend Sangeyong, who sadly took his life.


Yu Sung Yune

South Korea, Class B,

Yu Sung Yoon was first introduced into Kabort Motorsport by Jaehan An, who invited him. Yu, with 4 other Koreans (Ho Chul Shin, Jaehan An, Park Chihyeong and Kyle Jeong - who was actually an Australian) all faced the Bathurst 1000km together...Park pulled out just beforehand, but the four Courageous Koreans (or Car-Eans) all fought the mountain. For the majority of the race, they were hunting down a podium, and were in a podium position for a short period of time, before unfortunately crashing.

Despite this, they finished in Kabort's highest finish yet, a miraculous 4th place!

Kyle didn't show too much interest in iRacing after Bathurst, and with Ho-Chul desprately searching for a job, just Jaehan and Yu were left. Jaehan informed me that Yu was interested in racing, yet knew no English. Being the positive little pansy I am, I removed the other Koreans from the team, and gave permission for Yu to race, with Jaehan helping with translations if needed. Yu will show his true potential in the LMP1 this Sunday.

João Paulo Costa

Brazil, Class A, 

"I started racing on consoles when I was young, first wheel I had was on ps2 with Gran Turismo 4.

I started on Xbox with F1 2012, being 11/12 at the time, and online racing with F1 2013. Ever since I just played online non competitively.

My first online championship was on F1 2016, and I finished 2nd on the championship, winning every race I took part in, the same went for the next season in the same game.

On F1 2017 I took things a bit more seriously, and managed to win the championship early on. Since then, I kinda just go on and off racing games

With iRacing I dedicated myself a bit more, but being on college and sometimes feeling a bit depressed I just dont have the time nor the will to play anything."
                                                                                          - João 

With an iRating over 2,400 the crazy Brazilian has got some serious serious talent. Along with the unstoppable force of Jaehan An and Yu Sung Yune, they managed to finish 6th at Le Mans after starting all the way down in 31st, smashing out a new best result for Kabort Motorsport.

Coming from "father" team RSR Esports, and being incredibly fast, Joao has a big future ahead of him!

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