Mark Turek

USA, Class A

Mostly just runs IMSA Series in iRacing, in Real Life has raced a Baja Car for a 4hr endurance race.

2020-01-02 14-44-20_0.png

Peer Brennscheidt

GER, Class A

Peer was the second driver we hired from the AMG Fun Race, although he still very much likes to race with his team mates at his old team, but is alright with racing with the Kabort Team when he needs/wants to.

"I am active in Sim-Racing for about 2 years. I am driving Iracing active since October 2019. I have completed the 24 h of Daytona and 12h Bathurst. Before Iracing i was playing Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2. I am looking forward to challenge all Endurance and Special-Events on Iracing."

- Peer